It was a very sunny day , the sky was so bright and the freshness of the air swift into my room.
I have been busy all day trying to pack up my luggages for my journey the weekend.


It's been a tedious work for me , trying to do laundry , make lunch ,clean the room and still get ready for my journey was just so stressful ..

"My whole body will ache before I could finish this work" I said slowly trying to pick up a cloth that fell off my hand.

Shortly , I got an information from the car park that the bus I was suppose to take me to my destination just had an accident.

"Oh no" I exclaimed
After all the preparations made? I asked , probably not expecting an answer from anyone.

I picked up my phone to call my parent,but unfortunately none of them responded..

"Really?" I muttered loudly .
"What's really going on? I'm I not suppose to travel this holiday?"
I went back to continue with my assigned duty which I was almost through.

About two hours later ,I heard my phone ringing and it was mom that was calling the line.
"Mom!" I greeted heartily
"Hi love, I'm sorry I had to miss your call , I was pretty business at work. Did you try calling Dad"
"Both of your lines weren't going through"
"I heard your journey has been canceled , so sad "
"It's okay mom, I will travel the next week end"
" I missed you so much ,mom"
"Missed you too ,darling,hoping to see you soon" she said.
It's been two days, since I arrived home..

So many questions, I have answered.
"How's school?, how's uncle Chika,how's how's how's???. I can't stop answering them all with so much excitement in my heart.
I can boldly say that mother is the best mom, ever. We make a great team. Father,mother, I and my younger brother we usually draw attention from the neighborhood whenever we are together..
It's Christmas holiday and I couldn't feel the magic any more.
I can remember vividly ,five years ago when Christmas was a magic ,reindeer could fly and superman was the hero. But now, the magic kept fading away . Christmas is just a usual day for me and I guess something else is a magic to me now "The girl next door"
Coming back from Lagos to Akwa Ibom state.
I discovered we had a new tenant now. She's tall, dark complexioned , elegant,exquisite and simply amazing.
The first day I saw her was when I wanted to step out.

I saw her and I was almost carried away by her beauty..😍😍😍😍😍

"oh my goodness , this girl is just so sweet". ... I said almost loudly to myself.
I forget about her because of the things I had to do and I didn't remember i saw someone some days ago.

It was in the evening, the weather was just very warm and sitting in my room which was close to hers.. I heard the gateman open the door,I automatically knew it was her.. I listened carefully , to hear her talk because I couldn't wait to hear her voice, but it never came . So sad !!!😭😭😭😭
Two weeks later , I noticed I was already falling for this girl😘😘😘😘
"How come?"I said silently to myself.
I couldn't wait to hear ,the voice of her car and whenever I do ,my heart skips.
One afternoon, I wanted to get something outside when I saw her and she was looking at me ... Cold ran through my spine.
"Hi"I tried to maintain a steady feet so she wouldn't know I was extremely nervous of what I'm not aware of..
"Are you the the daughter of Mr Brownson?" I asked.
"Oh yes, nice to meet you , she said as she tried to stretch her hands to shake me ... I fling my head, and rather held her tight and hug her.😋😋😋😋😋😋 Her deodorant smelled so pleasant.
I was in heaven on earth...
"Nice to meet you , too My damsel".
My life changed since that day that I couldn't stay in a day without thinking of her..

She's my magic.. I started thinking of How our marriage will look like, our Family, children and every other important things ...
I never asked her out, despite the fact that I was eager to see her everyday.
How bad!!!

I loved her that I almost told my mom about it, but something told me not to..
Was I out of mind?😱😱😱😱
Many evenings has come and pass and I was always looking forward to her call...
Leonard still never call me but I was afraid to call her too, and I was getting so tired that I almost asked her why.
Meanwhile, she hasn't say anything about love or so... Was i the only one doing the thinking??
One day, she came back from work earlier than usual and she called me and said guess what?.

" I have finally accepted my boyfriend proposal!" 😵😵😵😵😵
I was so shocked but I tried to maintain my countenance so she wouldn't notice. All this while ,I was waiting in vain, I deceived myself
Oh!!! I was emotionally setup.
"I want you to help me do the planning because I know you'll make a master planner,bye for now...."

I couldn't get what was wrong with me.. I was just a fool to fall for a girl that doesn't even like me or probably knowing I do love her but tried to setup my emotions...
How bad!!!!!