Missing my stride

in Filmmakers5 months ago (edited)

Man, I do miss making proper videos.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made a few pop videos over 2020, a couple I’m really proud of.







But this new lockdown has swung me off my stride again.
It’s harder than ever to stay safe whilst trying to plan a production properly.
I’ve got loads of people wanting to shoot with me, some I’m more excited about than others.

(There’s even a couple of unfinished music videos from 2020)

Also it’s hard to find the motivation.
Everything has slumped again.
This winter mood is terrible.
I miss the simpler times of Summer sunshine and getting shit done.




I like looking to the past to remind me about all the interesting things I’ve been a part of.
Some of the photos above rekindle a spark for motivating me to find my stride again, that makes me want to get back in the driving seat.


Hopefully everything settles back down soon and we can get back to life and the things we enjoy.

Let’s hope 🤞🏻

Yeah, it's heavy going, isn't it? I think we need a week or two to recalibrate (and get some winter woollies). Meanwhile, get some hygge going 😁.

I think you’re right. The cold and dark evenings are getting to me.
Let’s get the first two weeks out of the way and get the ball rolling! Cheers for the comment - great to see you back and active on the chain @shanibeer


(I had a Google hygge but it’s seems a very appropriate word!)

It's just a shitty time of year, let's face it.

Nothing wrong with having a slump - have a binge on Netflix (try 'Dark' if you haven't seen it, I've just started it myself) and just go with it.

It'll start to get noticeably lighter in a couple of weeks, so that might help kick you into gear!

You’re totally right.

I’ll check out Dark! Cheers for the recommendation!

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