Network in 60 seconds - short film

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I really love the 1976 movie Network. The script is fantastic, the performances classic and the story couldn't be more meaningful than it is today with the state of the crap mainstream news media.

When I decided I wanted to produce something for the 2012 Jameson Film festival 'Done In 60 Seconds' competition It was my first choice. The idea was to pick a film and reshoot it in a 60 seconds edit. For me, it was a lot of fun trying to distil the movie down to just the important parts and pull together a cast that could portray the vision. I was actually quite happy with the result.

Although we didn't win any prizes it was nice to be part of the festival and see our little movie on the big screen.

Rory Mullins - Howard Beale
Clodagh Downing - Diana Christiensen
Padraig Murray - Max Schumacher
Maria Hylton - Laureen Hobbs

Director/ Producer - Daniel Doyle
Producer - Jordan Balentine
Camera - Nathaniel Doyle/ Daniel Doyle
Sound - Camien

Editing - Daniel Doyle
Tiny James - Great Ahmed Kahn

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It's raining heavily here so the internet is flaking out so I only managed about 20 seconds out of the thing :< looked alright from what little I caught though that coupled with the fact it's really noisy over here (from the rain again) I have no idea what's going on XD

Blink and you will miss it. A movie in 60 seconds is a special kind of challenge.

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