A simple meal will do.

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We still have food on the table.

It wasn't my intention but after the news the schools closed, we went after the weekend to the supermarket to have a look. To be honest it was quite a surprise to notice all the good food was gone, not just flour and oil. Partly I have doubts it was sold at all. It was very clean where the meat used to be.
My entire life I have my pantry filled and not only with food but medication and dog food too. It's because of one of these days, the cases in need.

I asked myself what would happen if the Coronavirus madness takes longer as expected, more people stay home and there's no way to get it to the shops, provide them or fill the shelves? What if within a few months all economies worldwide are broke?
We decided to buy some fresh food which we could eat first since we live without a fridge and freezer and need vitamins once in a while too.

The second supermarket we visited has empty shelves as long as I remember.
It looked the same as always just no meat and flour but they sold herring. I hope it contains the omega 3 dehydrated me and all people need it. 90% of the population has a lack of omega 3.

It's the first time in my life I saw and ate pink herring.
I have no idea what colored it pink.

It's fish and fat so hopefully healthy.
This was our first meal of the day, at least a part of it. The bread I bought one week earlier.

The youngest doesn't like fish never tried it either.
I bought this sausage and both children had bread with sausage.

This was my first meal of the day.
Actually, it's too much but I cannot help feeling hungry.

At the end of the day the children ate semolina pudding.
I made it yesterday and forgot they might like to eat more. They didn't ask for food but I cooked rice and green beans.

A simple dish.
I cooked the rice and added some butter to it. The green beans were frozen and I bought them past Monday. It was one of the few things left in the shop's freezer.
I just cooked the beans for a few minutes and added some butter to it too. Real butter not fake with trans fat and palm fat and chemicals.

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Thank you Very much. I wish you a great day. 💕

Food looks simple and delicious. My side, 2nd day of lock down, still don't know what to eat 🤪

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What do you have? Try something new. I just ate cheese, some left olives and 2 boiled eggs and the children had a puzza (frozen bought one).

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Thank you Very much. I wish you a great day. 💕

It's getting crazy and a lot of it is unnecessary. The panic buying is making things worse. Not just toilet paper is gone, but mince meat, eggs and baked beans are gone as well. I hope that they are keeping their windows open because in a week or two things are going to get really smelly.

We noticed thee same. No meat, diaries, bread, butter, canned and frozen food. We have toilet paper and cheese is unwanted. Lucky me 😄


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