Monday mission entry: "Option"

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Today's topic is Valentines since it's the week of Valentines.

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Marlon is running in going home because Lina running towards him. Marlon wants to avoid Lina if possible since this woman is bullying him. They're in their grade 3 when they just became classmate. Lina is a brave woman that no one will dare to hurt her even if that's a man.

Marlon runs as fast as he could but he is tripped by a stone and he fall down. When Lina see Marlon fell in the ground, without hesitation she jumps over. Marlon covers his head while Lina is pulling his hair and said.

"Why are you always going home without me.?"

After that incident Marlon and Lina going home together everyday. They became best friends but of course Marlon always feel the hitting by Lina. However, Marlon fell in love as time passes by being together always with Lina. They're always playing that made Marlon feels comfortable to Lina.

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It's the day of graduation when Marlon is excited to see Lina while wearing a graduation dress. He's wondering why he can't find Lina from the very beginning of the event. Marlon asks anyone in there but no one knows. He's tears suddenly falling because he's worried what happens to her. When he arrived at their house he saw the mother of Lina outside waiting. He walks fast and want to ask Lina's mother what happened to Lina. But before he start talking, Lina's mother speak right away.

"Marlon, my daughter Lina didn't attend the graduation ceremony because she needs to take the entrance examination in the city. She also said sorry for not letting you know, it's so sudden that's why she didn't have the time to tell you."

Marlon's shoulder turns down like he's carrying heavy materials. He couldn't believe that Lina left him without saying a word. He doesn't know what to answer to Lina's mother that's why he just said, " Ah... it's fine maam, thank you for letting me know."
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Marlon graduated in college and decided to go in the City to find a job. Luckily, Marlon managed to have a job for a short time. He's now working in the office as a graphic artist in a company. While he's working someone push him from the back and said with a loud voice.

"MARLOOOONNN...Is that you, right, right? Why are you here?"
When Marlon looks back he see Lina and some words coming into his mind.

"Nothing change, you're still pretty or you even prettier. How I wish to hug you right now..."

Marlon's feeling to Lina back to life again. The love that he felt long ago is back like he was on his younger age. He wish nothing but to have a relationship like before. But one of the person in the office suddenly kiss Lina in the cheek when he arrives at the office. He then think that this time won't be like before.. The love he felt before brings back but together with it is sadness..


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