Nature is the way to the world of science...

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Hello Wonderful GEMS Community,

These days we have more free time for write some better points and especially we have chance to stay home with beloved once. I balanced my whole life much better than past few weeks. So I decided to write various topic about nature. In fact, plants, animals, and other natural creations of nature have been in the forefront of hundreds of thousands of years compared to products that engineers have advanced in the field of technology. Today, scholars have accepted that nature is the best place to solve our problems. Bio Mimicry is the creation of new creations from the subtle grasp of natural design. If I ask you how you can land from the sky without any danger, you would say in a parachute.


She is the creator of this wonderful world. The fruits of her efforts to find solutions that are better and more efficient for the world have been around us since the beginning of the earth. We humans are not capable enough to challenge her.


In the study of the behavior of nature, man has produced great products. Experiments on the radar communication capability of bats have resulted in the creation of a new model. Designed for the convenience of the visually impaired, the radar technology detects obstacles in front of the road and informs the user in advance.


This is not about their unity. The tiny insect called Veya is able to create architectural windows in the house to keep the cooling inside. It has air vent windows and exit windows. As a result, the cool air is heated and flows through the convection currents. The man who discovered this secret today uses this technology to create large-scale buildings. With thousands of bio-energetic applications, these few were brought to you because you too have the potential to contribute valuable ideas to the advancement of science. Thank you for reading.

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