Qurator's Photo Quest | Similarity

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This week's contest by #qurator is similarity what is similarity photography well it can be in the forms of colors, sizes, patterns , groups or objects that look enough alike more a less a state of having something in common or alike so when your looking at that photo or object it will give you a sense of rhythm and harmony.

All these groups of patterns or objects that form a similarity as you may call them are all parts of my furniture and all live within my home all in separate rooms of course , i didn't realize we had so much similarity around our home it's maybe why my wife and myself are always in rhythm and harmony 😇

Our Asia wooden style flowery pattern coffee table love the coloring and patterns.


Some Asia painting we have around the house we are actually both into Asia paintings my wife does paint many herself which she sells.These paintings are finished in a beautiful golden over lay film.




Our Duvet Cover a striking similarity pattern on the eyes.


Our bathroom is done in a tropical look with nice refreshing colors and pebbles with a thick glass plane wall.



Then comes some feature brick walls some in the house and some outdoors nearer to the garden.



And finally some parts of our kitchen the pantry cupboard and tall breakfast table. Hope your enjoyed my home similarity stay in rhythm and harmony.





Qurator's Photo Quest | Similarity by @qurator



Yay! 🤗
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Thank you @ecency 👍

That is amazing post. I really love the fourth picture it is very cool.

Thank you @kidsisters it is a nice picture you have good taste for a little girl 👍

You have some lovely designs in your home. I especially like the glass block wall in the bathroom.

Thank you @redheadpei , i like been a little more creative then the boring old stuff you see everyday living with beauty and refreshing colors everyday keeps you happier and more focused i believe 😉

Oh wow, you must have a beautiful house full of all these lovely designs and motives and best of all a talented wife. Have A Nice Day & take care Max @kohsamui99, I have entered online trading hahaha, now in the learning process :D

Thank you @ainie.kashif we do love a bit of different culture furniture and paintings around the house we just seem to get nice vibes from them 😉

Online trading scary just be careful what you do and who you deal with it can be very tricky , i wish you all the luck.

Hey Agent 99 it's voting time again go and visit @tobetada 😇

Have a great day my friend 😉

Lol this is my favorite task, voting time ... I am going there now, you must win again and I always feel so happy when you won. Of course, your clouds always the most beautiful among those beautiful clouds :D

Ahhhhh....your just so sweet thank you my friend i do miss your entry this week.

And thanks for your vote my dear friend 😇

You are so right, I am testing the market now, will be very careful, hopefully, I can understand all the tips and tricks to the trade. I want to laugh out loud now as the market came down crashing this few days, what an entry :D

The market is the most unpredictable thing you can deal with there is just so much that goes on in the background that we will never know but , i am proud you are having a go good luck with it all and hopefully it with bounce again it is already bouncing a little.