Monday Missions Entry: Cuteness Overload/ Photos by Viktoria Vorobiova

in Qurator27 days ago

Thanks to the @qurator for such an interesting topic this week for Monday Missions entry!

It is difficult to imagine a full and joyful life Without this feeling of affection and "AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW", because this feeling carries joy, interest, openness, fulfillment and love.
Therefore, for me personally, emotions and actions that resonate with this feeling - exactly causes this feeling :)
It is a sincere manifestation of various positive emotions, manifestations of love and care, tenderness, bashfulness, defenselessness.

It is generally accepted that children and animals are considered the cutest creatures on the planet, and I find it difficult to disagree with this)) Because they are the ones who know how to express themselves as openly as possible, to be happy and sad, not to hide feelings, but to live every moment with the greatest degree of sincerity...

It can't help but be captivating, delightful, and touching!

This selection of photographs was taken by me - Viktoria Vorobiova - at different times and in different places, but all of them are united by this feeling - "AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW"

DSC_0534 (2).jpg



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Thanks for your encouragement @hivebuzz! :)

You're welcome @artvik 😊🌹

This really is a cuteness overload great shots 👍

Yeees, cuteness overload :)
Thank you so much for your attention to my work!

You are most welcome @artvik 😊

Tanta inocencia en una imagenes. Que bellas fotos, que esos niños crezcan y siempre sigan siendo niños y sean sobretodo felices

Thank you so much @marriakjozhegp!
Yeah, children are like rays of light :)

La verdad que la sonrisa de un niño no tiene precio por el amor que emanan, saludos.

Hi, @comandoyeya!
Yes, I think, children always let pure universal love pass through themselves :)