Pixelart Tutorial- A Collection of Stamps+ August Prompt List

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Hello everyone ^_^ Today I have a fun little tutorial to accompany the Pixelart Contest


Start by deciding what you want to draw- some collection themed ideas to get you inspired: jewelry, coins, stamps, rocks, comics, books, padlocks, electronics, make-up, cups, vases, sea shells, butterflies/bugs, movies, cans, figurines, marbles, ducks, nesting dolls, vinyls, knives, cards, dolls.

I decided to draw some stamps since I like the antique aesthetic and have been researching it lately.


I used Pinterest to get some ideas, but I tried to make up some original designs. You can check a list of programs you can use here, there are many programs to pick from even on phones :) Use whatever suits you.


I start with very basic colors and shapes. This is around 100 pixels wide canvas and if I want more details I might use 300 or even 600 pixels wide canvas.


It's always helpful to start with the basics- shapes and colors. These already look like stamps and everything else is just extra details. My canvas is 128x73 because I adjusted the canvas to fit the art. In the first 5 min I decide whether I want a bigger or smaller canvas, and I use nearest neighbor settings when scaling pixelart.


Here you can see me slowly adding some details. I wanted to draw as much variety as possible, so I drew a globe, city, lamp post, flower and a few abstract ones.


Here I added some shading, it's very subtle since paper stamps are basically paper. I use separate layers and masking option or I clip layers together.


Final details- This part can actually take just as long as all of the steps before combined. I try to balance details and colors. My favorite is the flowers stamp, because of the strongest contrast.

I quickly made the border look shiny, by selecting it with the wand tool and then painting a few bright areas. For a shinier look, try stronger contrast and smaller "hotspots".

Let me know if you have any questions ^^

August Pixelart Prompt List

Prompt List2.png

I almost forgot the prompt list, better late then never :D Feel free to join whenever or just do the days you like. Feel free to share the list in your posts. ^^ Also next month is Octobit :D

Sorry for the delay in my replies, I'm figuring out a new schedule for getting most done and it's really tricky. Tomorrow I'll take the day off from internet (instead of Wednesday), since I'll have to get a bunch of stuff done anyways.

I've tokenized the Stamps art and the process version on NFT showroom
^^ https://nftshowroom.com/kristyglas/gallery
Each edition is only 5 hive!

Dragon Head winners: (blog commenter) @fabiyamada ; (pixelart community commenter): @oscurity
Dragon Heads Info

Thank you for checking out my post and I hope you give pixelart a try ^_^


Very cool work. Pixel Art reminds me of the days when I played around with a Spectrum 48k! 😁

Spectrum 48k

That looks fun xD

I definitely would like to make pixelart again but I don't have a stylus for this mobile :( I used to make pixelart at midnight in my mobile when trying to make my daughter sleep, now I have another baby (and another mobile) and there are some sleepless nights, but without a stylus it is very hard to try. I have looked for apps in the ipad but all I found are paint by number stuff 🤦🏻‍♀️ if you know an app for ipad to make pixel art please let me know, specially if they are free 😂

Ohh Congratulations! :D

Based on quick search you can check Pixelable; Piskel and Pixel Station (all supposedly free) on ios store :) No idea if they're good tho. Don't feel pressured tho ^_^ I'll try to keep the weekly contests running regularly.

Thank you so much! And also thanks for the dragon NFT!! 🥰🐉

Greetings, good idea to place the artepixelart per day, so there will be more participation.

I hope so :D I'll probably make them too but post the set once per week since I want to post other things too ^_^ I hope you give it a try :D

Ahh they're so cute XD Every time I see your pixelart I keep thinking they would be perfect in a retro game. This one could totally be collectibles in their little box XD

Thank you ^-^ hihi

Really cool stuff, mate! This is a handy little tutorial if I'm ever in the mood to dabble in probably my favourite genre of artwork. It's amazing to see how simple lines, and big blocky pixels could entertain the soul by this much. You can never go wrong with a bit of #pixelart in your life! :-D

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Thank you <3 Yeah the trick in a art in general when learning is to simplify shapes and colors (and even when not learning). Then you can add more details more easily

Ah, that's an interesting approach. I didn't think about that one! I guess it's a good start for perfecting my stickmen drawings... Baby steps, eh? 😆

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Greetings friend, what program do you recommend to do pixelart? I am using Gimp, it is to have other options

Hey :) I liked Aseprite and Photohsop, but for free programs check out the list here: https://peakd.com/hive-102502/@kristyglas/pixelart-community-announcement
Maybe you'll find a program that fits you ^^ (Piskel looks nice and it's free)