Pixelart Contest #6- Theme: Lovecraft

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Hello everyone! Welcome back for another Pixelart community contest! The main goal is to have some fun <3 This week's theme is "Lovecraft", as today is 130 years since he was born :D The theme is open to interpretation, so you can draw Cthulhu, some other monster or even a creepy mansion/dungeon.

The winner(s) will get this post's total payout number but in Hive.

Any donations to the prize pool are appreciated. <3

I'll pick the winner, your post quality can influence my choice.
Depending on the prize pool size I'll pick winner(s) and possibly honorable mention and random winner. Since we have a more entries I'll probably use some prize pool for random winner but that means no rule exceptions anymore. I feel this will be more fair to many those just getting started with pixelart ^^

Minimum prize pool is 5hive.


● Most important- Only Original Art!!
● No copying other pixelart
● You can use photo reference (CC0 photos recommended).
● Non-traditional pixelart is welcome: like color pencils on paper (or voxel)
● No auto-pixel filters/programs allowed
● At least 1 art progress picture
● Comment on any Pixelart community post (other than my posts), lets improve the engagement and positivity :)
● Make a post in Pixelart community (or crosspost)
● Share your art preview and post link the comments so I don't miss it
● Use pixelart as one of your tags.

● ヽ( ・∀・)ノ Remember to put some effort into how you write your post- OCD is watching, so you have a chance to get curated ;)

Deadline is Thursday 27.8, 10:00 UTC/GMT -not strict, you can basically enter until I choose the winners.
I'll announce the winner and next contest theme on Thursday, around same time as this post.
Feel free to ask any questions or add any suggestions in the comments.


@flauwy has donated 5 hive to the previous week's prize pool as well as 1000CCC Thank you so much!!!

The entries again are even more amazing this week and I am so happy to see even more of the posts getting curated <3

I've increased the random winner prize since I want anyone just starting out to have a chance as long as they follow the rules ^_^

Total reward pool: 16 (post) +5 (flauwy) +2 (me)= 23Hive

Previous Week's Winner: @aurauramagic again ^_^ The artwork is simply incredible, jaw dropping!



I can't imagine how much time it took and it's really incredible :D R2D2 has always been my favorite and I love all of the details.

Random: @ykroys


This is a really cute one :D and awesome space suit details.



Honorable Mention: @mproxima


I like how different this one is, really stands out and it gives me the Twilight Zone vibes :D


I also sent 600CC to @aurauramagic and 400CC to @ykroys (hope I did it correctly) :)



Dragon Head Winners: (my blog) @sucal & (pixelart community comment) @jossduarte
More info




The cover image is my art and you can read the full detailed tutorial for the painting here: https://www.davidepesce.com/2020/03/31/pixel-art-tutorial-how-to-draw-a-dungeon-entrance-door/


This prompt list is just for fun, I'll give out a 5hive reward to random generated winner from those who did 3+ prompts.

If you liked these drawings, please don't forget to check out and support the awesome posts in Pixelart Community

I'm looking forward to your entries!!! ^_^


Congratulations to all the winners. Personally, I enjoyed each of the works that participated in contest # 5 and also learned a lot from the designs of @andielor, @dayerlis, @neove, @karinanunez @cesarisaad, @lisbethseijas, @atlantiss, @cetb2008 and @librepensadora.

I hope to see you in this one that is just beginning, challenge # 6 the award is very tempting.

Thank you @Kristyglas for this magnificent initiative and the sponsors, especially #ocd, @flauwy and all those who vote to reward the originality of the creations that are displayed here in the @pixelart community.

Hope you join again :D
Yeah I'm happy the prize pool is decent and I can reward more people, it's really hard to pick. Also Ocd is very helpful with curating Pixelart community ^_^

I understand the implicit difficulty of the judgment of art, but I really appreciate your good judgment and drive to promote this nascent community. You're doing a great job.

I don't see this new challenge as easy, but if it weren't, it would stop being a challenge lol. Let's have what I can think of.

Have a great day.

Thank you ^_^
The theme is open to interpretation, so if drawing a scene is too much, you can draw a creepy book/ necronomicon, or something else :D Plus it's fun to see variety of what people come up with.
You have a great day too!!

Thanks! 👍

They really show great displays of pixelart art. And at least I am learning every day from what I observe and how they make their designs. Congratulations to the winners. A pleasure to participate

Totally agree with you.

Have a great Friday.

Gracias por la mencion mi amigo! :D seguiré trabajando duro por mejorar n.n

De nada. Espero ver tus próximos trabajos.

justo hoy publique uno sobre hollow knight, espero le guste! :D

Thanks for the mention I am learning too just by reading how each participant is making their entries. This week the new theme looks challenging the bar is getting higher each time 😁

That's some cool arts!


ohhhhhhhh I'll start it now

Have fun! Looking forward to your entry :D


I'm so happy right now😭😭😭 thats so cool! I've never have been rewarded for my drawings before entering in Hive, God bless hive😍 and all the beautiful people here!

Aww, you should definitely check NFT showroom :D You won't be able to sell the Star wars one because of copyright, but you can tokenize and sell any of your original art ^_^ I think you'd do great!
Thank you for participating and putting so much effort into your art :D I hope you keep sharing awesome work <3

Wow ok! I'll check it out! Thank you!

you deserve it! you are truly amazing! :D

Thank you very much😍☺

:O this one got me excited i'll do my best! :D thank you so much for this opportunities <3

Yay have fun ^-^ Looking forward to what you come up with!

btw i didn't had an NFT account before so wasn't able to see ny dragon head, it's really awesome!! thank you so much! <3

Congratulations!! @aurauramagic
I hope to continue to actively participate in the contests! I like them! Thank you @kristyglas

Welcome and hope you participate again :D

Looking forward to some adorable terrifying pixel monsters and buildings 😆

Same! :D

Thanks to all participants. Really cool pixelart from all of you. I have to save my favorites to my image collection. And next week looks super promising as well. I will throw in another 1000 Creativecoin for the winner.

Thank you for the support! :D

Thank you for the prize :D I didn't expect it there where so many cool entries! Thank you to all partecipant

Welcome, hope you participate again ^^

Looking for inspiration, I finished The Shadow Out of Time some weeks ago though ahah

Greetings to all beautiful pixelart congratulations to all the winners and thanks for your words friend @janaveda. every day we learn much more about how to improve our pixelart.

I'm really happy to see so many artworks ^_^ Hope you share more!

You're welcome. From my perspective, we are all winners.

Have a great day my friend.

Thanks friend

You're welcome, my friend.

It's continually incredible to see the awesome artwork that the community have been creating on the Hive. These are a source of inspiration for when I'm ready to make my own artwork, someday. I hate to admit this, but I haven't read a H.P. Lovecraft book before, although I hear loads of great things about it. My brother likes them, so maybe I should sneak a book or two from him, eh? 😁

Yayyy I can't wait to see you art :D It's mostly short-ish stories. Rats in the walls is a cool one and apparently there is motion comic that I just discovered on YT :D Going to check it out myself in a bit

Ooooh, spooky! I'm definitely going to spend some time watching more of this, and maybe get a copy of the book, too! 😁

This is cool. Here's my submission. This is fun for learning how to draw.