August Pixelart Prompt List Collection :D

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Hi guys! So a few days ago I posted the prompt list for August, it's not too late to join! Feel free to only draw the themes you like ^_^

A shoutout to @cetb2008 for already participating, check out his work ^_^

Prompt List2.png

I just love how this tree turned out, I have to find a way to use the design in the adventure series I'm doing :D


I used a flat pencil brush for a more loose and sketchy feel. In the very end I cleaned up the pixels for the finished look ^^ The cleanup mainly takes a lot of patience and fixing pixels that really stand out.



I did a few of the themes today, I wish I was more consistent and drew daily, but that's just not my thing xD It's better to go with the flow than force yourself if it's not working out.



The statue was really fun to draw- I used reference for this one:



Each of these is very different until something "clicks" just like it did for the Daily speedpaints :) (it's possible the drawing ideas won't click even after I finish the list, but can't know till I try).

I love prompt lists as they remove the hardest part for me- making a decision for what to draw. Surprisingly making my own prompt list was really easy :D


I haven't drawn many weapons in the past, so this was an interesting challenge. I used shotgun photos for reference :)


Dragon head winners! @trincowski (Pixelart community comment): @woelfchen

Comment on Pixelart posts (other than mine) for a better chance to win a dragon head since there are so little comments so far ^_^ The community is incredibly active, now we need more engagement. I'll continue with making my own comments on tomorrow as it's getting late here. <3


I'll probably take Friday off from Internet this week, it really helps me recharge.

Great news- I've tokenized a new dragon head! :D

Thank you for checking out my post and I hope you'll try participating in this challenge or the Pixelart contest.


Let me know when you do your own pixel game. I would totally play it!

Thank you <3 Will do :D

very cool tree, indeed! :)

why the mention?

cool, thanks! :D

love ur profile pic :)

Thank you :D

wow the shotgun is really nice but the tree and the statue are amazing! i want to be like you when i grow up * - *

Aww thank you! Your art is awesome I really love your Under the sea art! :D

we have different styles like in any art medium.

thank you so much! :D <3

And also i will participate too n.n

Yay! :D Have fun!

Amazing! the tree is very beautiful, I think it's on the bottom side of your blog header in #Hive. The color combination is magnificent.

Thank you :D The tree is a bit similar, but this is a new one

Great! Every detail of these artwork makes them unique.

Greetings friend thanks for mentioning me in your post, excellent pixerlart

Welcome and thank you ^_^

Very cool! And thanks for the Dragon Head... what's that about?

Basically art collection connected to hive blockchain (there are etherium ones too) You can keep the art or sell it (for profit :D )
More info:

I smell a bull market! 😄

The tree is awesome :O

Hee the map is so cute XD gun and statue turned out pretty well too :)

Did you make the prompt list or is it one of those drawing things that I don't know about that are otherwise really popular? :D

I made the prompt list to celebrate the creation of Pixelart Community :D but I should promote it more xD

These look pretty amazing, no less! I love that tree, but the shotgun's my favourite. I've yet to see you draw weaponry, but this reminds me a lot of some indie games I've played with a pixelart style. The Final Station comes to mind most. It's a great game to recommend if you're looking for something to do on Friday :-D

I've seen a playthrough of final station :D Thank you! I've been playing Gungeon a bit and it has a bunch of crazy weapons xD Mine is a bit dull haha
Thank you!

The Final Station a pretty awesome game to sink your love and soul into, although it was a bit shorter than I hoped it would be. I haven't played Gungeon, but I've only ever heard great things about it :-D