Pixelart – Lovecraft-Contest # 6 ---ancient deity---

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Greetings to all pixel lovers,This is my participation in the Pixelart drawing contest # 6 whose theme is Lovecraft promoted by @kristyglas I did this work like the others in paint


The day I saw that the next contest would be taking the universe of lovecraft as its central theme, I got down to work and that's what came out
at the beginning I was going to do it with gray and bluish tones in the water and the sky but I opted for red colors and create a contrast with Mr. Cthulu


I started with cthulu step by step and the rest I was accommodating by removing and adding on the way to the final work



then go to the water and as I said the tones would be different, but the work progressed a little further, the reddish tones occurred to me


I also saw whether to do the city of ryaleh in the background but I quickly discarded that idea and preferred to do it later behind cthulu



and well, the final work they saw from the beginning I hope you like it

(oh and apart from the contests too the community offers you the daily drawing for the month of August,I found out yesterday, I'm new to this community haha, so check the list to guide yourself)

I leave a gift to this H P Lovecraft original illustration of mine;)


Brilliant work and so much dynamic within it. The sea looks particularly marvelous and the Cthulhu is very recognizable. Very cool.

Thank you very much that I wanted to create with the waves, I still have a long time to start with pixel art since my strength is illustration as such but little by little I am improving :) #posh

Think the red-toned background worked out much better anyway, looks much more nightmarish :)

THANKS :D #posh

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Hey thank you very much, I'm glad you like them, I'm just starting with what is pixel art, but I have years as an illustrator among other things, I will enter your community

This is epic!! :D Really powerful art and great use of color contrast ^_^

hey thanks @kristyglas :D