Fantasy background in blue - Fondo de fantasía en azul 🌊

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blue fantasy icon.pngHi friends from hive community!blue fantasy icon.png

Hola amigos de la comunidad hive! 😄

Today i wanted to make a Fantasy background for mobile devices, the theme is in blue, so i choose to limit myself to a custom palette of 16 colors and a 108wx234h pixels canvas to emulate the aspect ratio from smartphones, let's begin! 😊.

Hoy quise hacer un fondo de fantasía para dispositivos mòviles, el tema será "azul", asi que escogi limitarme a una paleta de 16 colores y un lienzo de 108 pixeles de ancho por 234 de alto para emular el aspecto de los smartphones, empecemos! 😊

Center chain.png

Above is the color pallete i'll be using and below the empty canvas 😊
Arriba está la paleta de colores que estare usando y debajo el lienzo vacìo 😊


It may look awful but this sketch helps me in organizing my ideas 🤣
Puede verse horrible pero este boceto me ayuda a organizar mis ideas 🤣


as you can see i'm building something like a hand in there, let's keep going :3
Como pueden ver estoy construyendo algo como una mano allí, sigamos. :3


I think is looking nice 😁
Creo que se ve bien 😁


It's done!! 😁

Esta listo!😁

I had yet again some technical difficulties but today i prepared a little gif of the proces to show it n.n

Tuve de nuevo unas dificultades tenicas pero hoy les prepare un pequeño gif del proceso para mostrarlo n.n


If you like this work go and check out more in mi profile @andielor, also i posted another background here Snowy woods :D

Si te gusto este trabajo puedes ver mas en mi perfil @andielor :D

Center chain.png

Silent hill.gif


nice! :)

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Glad you liked it!! n.n <3

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Awesomely done! A bit of pixelart in my day never fails to make me smile, and this certainly has. Someone should make a game out of this! Cheers for sharing your fantastic artwork :-D

I'm very glad you liked it! it makes me very happy to read that <3 and also thanks for motivating me!! :D

Cheers, and you're very welcome! Keep up the amazing work ❤️

That's pretty cool! The hand coming out of that kind of reminded me of the Metamorphosis of Narcissus (the Dali one) but I'm not sure what your hand is holding up XD

Thanks! hahaha you're right xD I was planning to put a plant on top but couldn't make it look good, yet i really like this one, the emptiness from the bottom is intentional, so you can have it filled with the icons from the system, it's made to suit mobile <3