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RE: Introducing Tasty Tuesday's - Rice-illicious Cookoff! Monthly Comp with HUGE prizes!

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Lol you have 3 weeks to think about the recipe.

If you use cap dua gajah rice flour (careful some looks almost alike) you will be able to apply for compensation with proof of photo 😉


I think I've got a different brand but still rice flour

Well, just no compensation of 5 steem, but should still be OK.

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Try KK Mart 24 hours. They are one of our distributors. If you are unable to find please let @littlenewthings know, we can arrange shipping of a kind.

Wow !! Shipping to Saigon too :)
I must really work on my recipe now.. ha ha

Well, we thought you were only going to cook it when you get back 😏
Let's see if the boss approves it

Ha ha.. I'm kidding only..
No way I could prepare it here in Saigon.
I'll be back to KUL during CNY so preparing it back home in my kitchen is the best way :)
But thanks for the kind thoughts

Finally.. after much delay and extreme preparation.. Here I am with my post :)