Steem/Tron Meme Contest Results

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Thank you!

We've got more power in our hands than we think.
I truly believe in the bright future ahead, when every true Steemian could say:

Never was so much owed by so many to so few

But for now, I strongly suggest to vote for your favorite witnesses
(You've got 30 slots to fill and at least one choice is obvious), buckle up, power up and never give up. We can only miss the Sun when it starts to snow. Although winter is almost done (on my hemisphere at least).
Hm... what else...
Did I

Sorry, I got Carreyed away.

Congratulations to the winners!


Damn it. I didn't know this was a thing. I always down for a meme contest. Can we do a GIF meme contest next? Had a good one in mind

hahaha dang I missed this but anyway it's fun to see meme like this. lol

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First place definitely deserves it.

Now that is a burn.

Lol ... congrats to @piotrgrafik ... his sense of humor is amazing ... :)

Damn, I wish I wouldve seen this contest before it finished!

Oh my since neds gone.... does that mean Steem can be a winner now?

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Man I hope Mr Sun is a more responsible and trustworthy businessman? I always knew that steemit inc was the problem with all the fake decentralized argument. Now we have a bunch of labels(communities) that are supposed to join everyone together

Dear friends, thank you all. I am starting today to express your views on the sexy matching of the two of you.

Ha ha ha ..... or ..... Earn TRON for free and buy Steem.....

These are really great! lol! Congratulations to the winners!

Awesome contest!

Super fantastic information

Congrats to the winner, this meme is HILARIOUS and so true!

these are too funny.. hard to pick a favourite

I know i missed this contest, but I made a video "Tron Steem" and featured Justin picking his nose while Nexit exits:

very interesting...

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by the way, I love the notifications, this might help driving engagement quite a bit, especially since there are a lot that just simply use as frontend.

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