Steem/Tron Meme Contest

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So the rumors of Justin Sun buying Steemit are true. In fact, it has already happened. At this point we are still not sure what this means for the future of Steem.

That doesn't mean we can't have a little fun.

I will give 100 Steem to the best memes about our current situation.

  • First Place 70 Steem
  • Second Place 42 Steem
  • Third Place 28 Steem

If any of you phat whales want to chip in, let me know and I will credit you and add it to the prize pool.

Additional prize pool:


  • Meme must be original
  • Judging will take place in 48 hours.
  • Winners will chosen by me based on how much I laugh.
  • Each user is allowed two entries
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I see what you did there. Excellent! You should win the prize hands down!

Well, I didn't do much, you know. :)


Actually had me laughing out loud.

I ain't nowhere near the whale status but should be our top priority if you ask me...

Count me in for another 20 Steem and distribute it as you like. Sending them straight away.

And my entries :P


download (2).png

For the memes !


To meme or not to meme ... well, when a blockchain gets this screwed, I suppose laughing is all one can do. Here you go:

steem-tron meme.jpg



I like the change my mind meme best!

The last one if very funny 😂

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Epic #lol

While many are very good this meme is cerebral and I like it!

Memes are always good.

Steem batman.jpg

Dec tron.jpg

I made those on

Back to school! Lol

Ahahah very good!!!



Steem-Tron Nikolaus.jpg


our new STEEM hymne


Here we go:



2nd MEME:




This trickled into my feed and had me laughing. But since this is completely based on one individual choice for sense of humor, It's going to depend on a lot of variables such as how you feel, how informed or in what way you are grasping this whole Tron ordeal. etc.

nonetheless here ye all go.

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Tron_Steem Marriage.gif

I thought we were hard forking. I just heard he is still talking about coin swap, and moving us to a sub par blockchain where he has total control? Is this really fun meme joke time? lol

The token swap was mentioned early on and was pulled back. It's possible it will happen at some point in the future, but as of right now it is not.

Just read a post about Justin talking about it on youtube last night! I haven't watched the video but was just assuming. Pushed back, doesn't sound too long term for STEEM to me. Thanks for the response!!

It is clear he isn't all too familiar with Steem right now. For the AMA he called it Steemy for a long time, but when corrected he clearly said Steemit. Same with SMT's, he called them MSTs for most of the AMA, and when corrected was able to clearly say SMT.

I really believe this information was leaked from his previous interview, it wasn't really ready to be announced, but now it's in damage control mode.

I'm powered down again! I think it's scammy!! I'll just blog with no steem like everyone else & milk it!!

Give it five minutes, you will change your mind :)

I’ll wait for real announcement to change my mind! I’m not impressed and do not want anything to do with the steem on a tron network! We’ll see what the new release is, no big deal! I was just “changing” my mind to calm other people down.

Where have you been? 😂

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When it's beyond your control the only thing left to do is mock the situation otherwise you truly have no action in the situation.

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It's not out of my control completely, I can still get out! lol

Someone seems to have done a fab research before buying....eossteem.jpg

#eos #steem



Here's my second entry allowed by the fourth rule in case you find Willy Wonka more creepy than funny.

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ooooh and numero dos....


these are both mine and original memes, I like to add flair to such a loving and caring wave of sudden change O.o


Technically he bought both, quite a bit of the second.

What account did he put it in?

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Back to school 2




Step 1: Lower the value
Step 2: Buy
Step 3: Re-add the value you removed
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit!

Prepare the mackbot. It's going down.

axeyintellectual property.jpg


Entry 1

Entry 2

Should we make a post on steem? Or just post the meme here in the comments?

In the comments, but you are free to make a post and link the meme and the post if you like.

hehehehhe steem is not a place

its a people

i giggled

It's a reference to the Avengers, a pretty key line from Odin stating Asgard is not a place and it will live on even if the world is destroyed.


Hey thanks for all teh work you do markymark

but hey what tribe is hive-101863
? I couldnt find the tribes by number

You can see them on but it is Original Memes

the thumbnail of this video is the best representation of what we seen till now.
tumb tron steem.jpg


fun, "Steem / Tron Meme Contest" transfers 20 steem



Ok I deleted my first one since the image was already used for another meme. So I've got two entries: red buttons above and this cat.


Excellent work

Nice contest! Here are my entries:


From the chat the other day.


That's good or bad?

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Steem & Tron go to next level.jpg

Don’t sweat it





I'm not meme maker or whatever
Gandalf the gray



had to get in on this shit, all your prize STEEM are belong to us.



I hope the 48 hours time is not yet finished.


The background picture is from pixabay.

«-ET Phone Home-»

Cranky Gandalf

“I'm moving on for personal reasons”

If I'm not wrong this artwork is from @jenina619
You should credit that!

You are not wrong. And you should/can credit that by yourself equally easy.

My entry 1:

My Entry 2


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