Starting Your Day with Bedroom Exercises

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We all know the importance of exercise to our body, our appearance and our general health so, I won't be dwelling more on that. Having known this, it is imperative that we try to engage in exercises from time to time. Now, it is not until you are on a standard pitch or track before you can say that you're exercising. You don't necessarily need to play in a football team to exercise. Truth is, exercises can be done anywhere including your bedroom.

It's important that you try to begin your day with some exercises immediately you wake up. Start your day with some exercises right in your bedroom or parlour; it helps a lot. Particularly those who claim they are too busy or cannot afford going outside to jog and do other activities, this is a good way to still stay fit and active. Do some stretching and jogging when you wake up.


Personally, I start my day with some exercises right in my room. When I wake up, I do some stretching on my bed and then press ups, sit ups and one-point jogging. This has been helping me stay smart and fit. I also know of a friend who had a big tummy but she downloaded a flat tummy app on her phone to help her workout. This app shows and guides you to carry out some necessary helpful exercises and it can be done in the comfort of your bedroom. She didn't have to go to the gym to reduce belly fat but silently in her comfort zone, she's working on herself.

What I'm I saying in essence? Do not restrict yourself from exercising; you can do it anywhere even in your office. Walking is part of it; take some time to walk around your office after sitting for a long time. Just because you have an expensive car doesn't mean you should drive it to everywhere you go even for on a 50 metres errand or distance. Try to walk enough sometimes because it helps you strengthen your bones and keeps you healthy.


Remember your health is your wealth so, do everything possible to stay healthy and one of those things is regular exercises and sports. I hope you find this interesting as there are just my thoughts.


Exercise is a good way to start a day. It makes your body fit for the day's tasks. Keep staying healthy.