SPORTS: Adequate Training improves Fitness

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There is a common saying that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Also, proper preparation brings about a perfect performance. It is important we always plan ahead for anything whatsoever we want to do. This is applicable in sports as well. Every good athlete or sportsman we see is someone who devotes his or her time to adequate and extensive training sessions. Training is very important as it helps us to always stay in-form.


Truth is, you will get to lose when you fail to train adequately. Citing myself as an example, there was this tournament I was to play it by December of a particular year. But throughout that year before December, I'm not sure I had played football for about 30 minutes cumulatively. I didn't have time to train and play football because of some demanding school work back then. How do you think I'll end up when I finally go to compete? You guessed right.

December came and we entered the field to play. Friends, I didn't last for 20 minutes on the pitch because the first 5 minutes I ran on the pitch, I was already grasping for air. I got fatigued quite easily and then I couldn't make meaningful contributions to the team. Finally, I asked to be substituted. All these happened to me because I had ignored training sessions.

In that same football match, people were able to play 90 minutes without be fatigued and this was so because they usually trained both as a time and as individuals. Practice they say brings about perfection so it's imperative and necessary that we do involve in trainings. People who train rigorously usually have an edge over others who don't practice. So many admire Christiano Ronaldo because he delivers but very few know how that man trains personally.


The likes of Usain Bolt started training for the Olympics a long time ago and according to news, Usain Bolt did training with a horse; he raced with a horse. Now, tell me why he would not run a 100 metre for that small seconds he use. Training and practice is very important for any sportsman who wants to always stay valuable and in-form.

If you have a competition in-view, start now to be practicing or training. Qualities like stamina, endurance, speed, agility etc are results of constant and adequate training. You don't just wake up one morning to have stamina as a football player. What you do to have stamina and endurance is training exercises. On Saturday, 14th November, I will be involved in a football competition and I've begun training ever since. It's just a friendly match between my local church and a sister church.


I train as a team and I equally do have personal trainings. All these I do in order to keep fit and stay in-form. Team training is very vital because it brings about understanding on the pitch and enhances teamwork. To this end, take training as important; don't just wake up one day and decide to join in any competition because you may end up crashing.


There's a reason why no matter what sport you are involved in a lot of it is simply running around. When I played soccer in high school we would run 7 miles to a park on the other side of town before we even touched a ball.

Yeah. Warm up is very necessary in every sports