The 7th!!!

Derrick White's action with two tenths on the clock was a play in the form of a ticket: a direct ticket to the seventh game and to the eternity of the great sporting feats of the Celtics.


Heading into tonight's game, and with the chance to experience another game that promises to be unique, I invite you to relive together the select list of Celtics heroic moments, which includes White's shot starting Friday. Are you ready? Here we go.


Jayson Tatum's agonizing layup (2022: Game 1 of the First Round)

114-113. Brooklyn ahead. four seconds. Tatum receives a pass from Smart, makes a perfect spin and lays the ball up to give Boston the win. Pure ecstasy at the TD Garden.

“Steal by Bird!” (1987: Game 5 of the Conference Finals)

5/26/1987. Larry Bird steals the ball in an outing with 17 seconds left. He assists Dennis Johnson who scores the layup as the Celtics win 107-106 and go up 3-2 in the series.

Dennis Johnson with his last breath (1985: NBA Finals Game 4)

A Larry Bird dribble to get into the key, Lakers double and pass to Johnson to score a fantastic shot. Boston Wi 107-105, dressed in moss green, at the Forum.

The Gerald Henderson Robbery (1984: NBA Finals Game 2)

18 seconds. Lakers 113-111 up. The Celtics have to cut with a foul, but Henderson has another idea: he steals the ball, scores the layup and the game goes to OT. In extra, Boston wins.

Kevin McHale's block (1981: Conference Finals Game 6)

Boston trails the Sixers 3-1 in the series. They win Game 5 and in Game 6, rookie Kevin McHale puts a key block on Andrew Toney with the Celtics going 98-97 to win.

Glenn McDonald in the greatest game in history (1976: NBA Finals Game 5)

A game with three extra times against Suns. Glenn McDonald, a substitute with a 4.2-pt average in two years, scores 6 points in the third OT and gives Boston the victory 128-126.

John Havlicek's drive-up shot (1976: NBA Finals Game 5)

Havlicek scores an agonizing shot. Fans pour onto the court thinking the game is over, but there are still two seconds left to play. Phoenix ties and they go to third overtime.

The Don Nelson Miracle (1969: NBA Finals Game 7)

Erickson taps the ball to Havlicek and it falls to Nelson. Don shoots and scores an unusual shot with the accomplice support. The Celtics go up 105-102 and end up winning 108-106 to be champions.

Sam Jones against the horn (1969: NBA Finals Game 4)

The Celtics are 0-2. One point down with seven seconds to play. Havlicek finds Jones, who dribbles and hits a jump shot to give his team the 89-88 win.

“Havlicek stole the ball” (1965: Conference Finals Game 7)

Johnny Most immortalized this play. Following an error on a Bill Russell outing, Hal Greer serves for the Sixers 110-109 down. He looks for Chet Walker, but Havlicek steals the ball and makes history.

Bob Cousy Beats the Clock (1962: NBA Finals Game 7)

Hardwood's Harry Houdini, aka Mr. Basketball, puts on a dribbling display as the Celtics clinch their fifth championship in Game 7 against the Lakers.

I understand that the teams that managed to tie a series after a 0-3 none played the 7th game at home. That's the difference: Boston can end that 0-150 streak. Tonight will see.

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