What's Your Intention To Fight?

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Something does not happen automatically. There is an intention behind it. When the attacker attacks you, he/she has an intention. Sometimes people say that he is a good guy and everyone loves him. So why did someone attack him?

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Whether it is clear or not, the attacker has intentions. When you fight, of course, you have an intention. When fighters fight in a ring, their intention is to be a winner, no one fight in a fighting competition to lose the fight.

What you see in a movie, that fight is good for the movie. You have to consider different things when you fight in real life. You have to face its effect even after the fight. Once the fight starts, there is no time limit. And no one is coming as a referee to interfere. Luckily, if the police are informed, they will come and stop it.

If someone's intention is to show off and prove that he can fight, that can get that person in trouble. Even when you fight for self-defense and you just make some moves to show off, that can put you in danger.

Anything could happen in a fight. You can get hurt only because of this intention. So always avoid fancy moves and unnecessary moves for show off. This is not a demonstration after all.

So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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I read your blog, you are right in ring no one fight to lose!

But, for us learning technique is for self defence. Thanks for sharing your concept.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and giving your feedback!
Have a great day!

friend a question, I see that you have your own website with your custom domain but in the entries on your website you see the rewards of hive, how did you do that?

I used @engrave to do that. The backend is hive blockchain. If I post anything over there, it will appear on hive blockchain. Thank you @kraken99 for visiting my website.

I always keep an eye on your publications because they are very interesting.
just one more question if you allow me, do you pay for the domain and hosting? because I guess it will be in wordpress and not in blogger.

It is like a blogger similar platform. If there is the further development of this platform, that would be better. So someone cannot do much what he can do with WordPress.

Of course I understand, I can use wordpress so I was asking you, Thank you for answering me.