What Not To Expect In A Fight For Self Defense

If you practice martial arts, you do sparring or participate in the fighting competition. You have experience of how to fight and win the match. No one expects to fight in real life for self-defense. While you are training martial arts, you might have some expectation about what would happen in a fight for self-defense.

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You get used to fighting with professional fighters or with someone who practices martial arts. You can easily understand a fighter in a fight since you get used to seeing those moves. Do you fight professional fighters in real life?

Maybe not. But the attackers are used to attacking and hurting innocent people. Their attacking patterns are different. So you might not used to seeing that. If you form an image of how you will be attacked, well, that's just an imagination. Reality can be different.

Once you start fighting, there is no time limit. If you fight in a fighting competition, you know how long it will continue. But when you fight for self-defense, you just don't know how long you have to keep fighting. Here's the thing, I often say, if you get a chance to get out of there, just move. You do not have to keep fighting to determine who is good at fighting. This is not a fighting competition.

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This is not going to be a fair fight. The attacker can hit you anywhere. You cannot say, why you hit me from behind, that's against rules. No rules exist here. Maybe you have to fight with multiple attackers. They can have weapons. And things can get more complicated than you think.

When you need help, other people come forward to help you. What I am going to say now, that might sound harsh. But the thing is when you are being attacked, and there are people around you, it seems they are just watching a show. You expect that those people will come forward to help you so that you will be safe. You will see they just stand there like a silent audience.

I'm not saying that those people are selfish or bad. If anyone comes forward to help you, he/she will put his/her life at risk. The good thing is, maybe there is someone among those people who calls the police. And that might help you get out of there.

So what do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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I can't even imagine being in a martial arts fight... Let alone a real one! Hope I never have to...

No one expects to have a fight. Unfortunately, if that happens, it is better to prepare yourself. Thank you @bengy for your comment! :)

if I fight for self-defense I always try to end it soon with 1 or 2 moves that way it saves energy if I have to run and also can deterrent if I can beat him or not as you say that's not a competition and there no rules

now I'm gonna tell you a story about me I fought a guy outside a bar and we both were exhausted and couldn't keep up but them his buddy come and I didn't even have the energy to run and got beaten pretty bad that why I don't fight often but when do I try to keep it short

When you fight for self-defense, you always want to end the fight as quickly as possible. It is not like keep fighting, how quickly you end the fight, that's important. Thank you @aiovo for sharing your experience!

yeah knockout is the best way to go