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If you practice a martial art, you will also learn knife defense. Unfortunately, there is a gap between what you learn about knife self-defense and what actually happens. There are martial arts that focus on using knives as an attack and defense. You can learn a lot of things about knives and knife defense from those martial arts.

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In general, you think someone will come and attack you with a knife straight or attack you from the side, and you will learn step by step what you will do. If the attacker attacks and keeps his hand over there, you can easily apply the techniques. But the thing is, the attacker will never keep your hands over there after stabbing. This is unlikely to happen.

Another thing is, the attacker will not attack you with a knife once, and then it is over. He can attack you again and again. So the attacker can move his hands after striking, you cannot apply the technique. Or, what are you going to do if the attacker pulls his hand and strikes you over and over?

When someone comes to attack you with a knife, at least he gets used to attacking with a knife even if you assume he has no training. Another thing the attacker can do when he strikes is switching hands. He can grab the knife with another hand and continue stabbing you. Things can get scary and difficult dealing with a knife attack.

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If you can stop the attacker before drawing his weapon, that's better. Once he has the knife in his hand, you can keep him away. In order to strike you with a knife, he has to come close to you (unless he throws the knife towards you). You can use any hard object to hit the attacker from distance. It could be a stick, baseball bat, or something like that.

In this case, you have the leverage to hit the attacker from distance and stop him from getting close to you. Or, you can use something to protect your hand while defending knife attack like a helmet.

So what do you think you can use against a knife attack? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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