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Some martial art moves look fantastic. When you watch movies, you can see some movies like that. You see the hero keeps fighting for a long time. It is enjoyable to watch. What we want to see, movie producers and directors show that in the movies. The whole purpose of a movie is entertainment.

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If you have to fight for self-defense, you do not like to keep fighting for a long time. You want to end the fight fast. There is no point in striking an attacker several times if you can get him with the first strike.

When you learn combat self-defense, you will learn moves that are highly effective. No matter which martial art you practice, the moves that are direct, simple and easy to remember will be most useful in a fight for self-defense. You are not going to remember complicated moves when you are under pressure.

You have to react to the situation pretty fast. Do not let the attacker keep striking you. Even when you block, make sure that the attacker gets hurt every time you block his strike. He will be discouraged to strike again or at least think twice before making his next move.

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By the way, end the fight quickly does not necessarily mean you have to strike the attacker and hurt him pretty bad. You need to understand the situation. Use reasonable force to strike and defense. Sometimes all you have to do is to show that they are messing with the wrong guy. They might change their mind.

You can grab, lock, and move the attacker. And get out of there if the guy does not mean to hurt you. Whatever you do, don't just make it longer. Finish it quickly. Then leave the place as soon as you can. You do not want to give the attacker more chances to attack you again.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Martial arts is very cool. The movies is a great display but MMA has shown a ground game is most important! @tipu curate

Many people are interested in martial arts by watching movies. Then they get to know more about it. Having the skills to fight can help to deal with the unfavorable situation successfully. Thank you so much @cryptoknight12 for your comment!