Don't Ignore The Psychological Aspects - Martial Arts

From the outside, we see the physical movements of martial arts. When you make any move, it does not happen on its own. How you see and think, you express that in your physical movement. Martial art is also an expression. You express yourself in different ways based on the situation.

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When it comes to self-defense, it seems physical movements are everything. Someone is attacking you. Whether you understand it or not, there are motives behind the attack. The attacker usually does not attack someone without any reason. Maybe he wants your money, or he wants to kidnap you or he wants to hurt you for some reason.

If you understand the attacker's motives, you can deal with the situation successfully and defend yourself. For example, if the attackers intend to kidnap you, they will force you to go with them. They can attack you and hurt you for that. As soon as you understand their motives, you will do everything so that they do not succeed to kidnap you.

The attacker has weapons and you want to protect yourself. If you make some obvious moves, the attacker can see that and it will make it hard to apply that effectively. You can talk to the attacker or do something to distract him first. Here you are paying your attention to the psychological part. You make your move when you are able to distract the attacker.

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Whether you fight to defend yourself or you find a way quickly to run and escape from there, you observe the situation and decide that first. You just cannot ignore the psychological aspects when it comes to self-defense. Even if you participate in a fighting competition, what you think, that has a direct influence on your fight.

So what do you think about the psychological aspects of martial arts? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Nice post. I saw the picture of your post and it made me smile because my daughter passed her second brown belt today in Karate. I believe that martial arts have a very big psychological component. Both my kids are competing in Kata and Kumite and they win and loose fights mainly in their head. I can predict the result often before the fight just from looking at the state of mind of my kids. They are already very good at showing confidence and in fighting the psychological battle :-)

Glad to know your daughter practices Karate. Your confidence and mindset play an important role. When someone practices martial arts, it positively impacts his/her life. As a student, she/he can do better in studies, becomes more confident.

Wish your daughter all the best, @achim03!

first of all nice post that always helps me to talk about my hobby and it fun to talk for me martial arts is kind of a way to express my self like I'm your boss just joking but it gives me a sense of security

It is fun and interesting to talk about something you love and passionate about. If someone asks me to talk about something I don't know or don't like, I cannot do that. When you say something you know and believe, people can feel that vibes. Thank you @aiovo for your comment!