Can You Kick In A Very Close Range?

You can kick and hit your opponent from distance. If you punch, you might not reach him, but you can reach and hit your opponent from the same distance with kicks. If you are good at kicking, you can stop the attacker from getting close to you.

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When you are not sure what the attacker is capable of doing, it is better not to let him be in close range. You might end up in a grappling situation or end up on the ground. If there are multiple attackers, you do not want to be on the ground and fight. It is difficult to move fast from there.

When you are in a very close range, can you kick? You see that you usually cannot kick more that you can do from distance. Still, you can do foot stomp. You hit the attacker's foot with the heel. You can use your knee to hit the attacker's legs or thigh. You can also hit the attacker's groin and that's only possible when you are in a very close range.

When you are in a very close range, you will not be in that range forever. When the attacker gets hit, he usually moves back to save himself. Now you get the distance, so you can do a front kick, side kick, or roundhouse kick.


When you strike and defend, the distance between you and your opponent is very important. This is going to determine what would be effective in that situation. For example, when the attacker moves back and he is in a kicking range, you cannot hit him with elbow strikes. But you could, when he was in a very close range.

When you can maintain the distance, you can fight better and defend yourself. So what do you think you can do in a very close range? Will you kick or strike with your hands and elbows? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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