March Advertising Report

March Madness has come and gone and now this is the second advertising report to relay how our new program is progressing. This is also the first report where I'm able to report that we've received a payout from the advertisers!

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As I announced in my post earlier today, we've already received the first payout from for the display ads we use on the site. While it's only a modest 0.001 BTC it still goes to prove that the system is working and that we are set in the right direction. I was ecstatic to see that when writing up this report!


This month I've updated the way I pull reporting as well. Instead of pulling data from a-ads directly, I've begun using our Revive ad server's reporting. I had debated delaying this change until we had new advertisers but I figured it'd be best to move now to get the standards set early. This changes from viewing the reporting directly from a-ads' BTC view into a more traditional dollar based system based on a-ads' estimated 0.35 CPM along with whatever rates we are able to set for future advertisers.


Impressions have stayed consistent throughout the month in the 1,000 - 2,000 range. I think that's a fine continuation from last month's partial report and happy to see the maintaining pattern. This is a very solid base and will be a nice place to grow from.

Unfortunately I didn't set the Revive ad server to track our clicks before. I did however just enable it to hopefully start tracking that data for next month to bring back to the report. I apologize if anyone was looking for that data directly.


Right now our only source of advertising revenue is coming from so there's not a lot to report in terms of balances. That being said we just cleared our balance from a-ads on April 4th and three days later have already accumulated another 3837 satoshis! I look forward to us growing that to another nice payout in a month or two.

Advertise With Us!

Are you looking to advertise with a growing community? If so we'd love to display your ad to our audience! Please reach out to patrickulrich#1973 via the SportsTalkSocial Discord or leave a comment below to get your ad shown to our community today.


I think the stable earnings and impressions are good. If we keep it up, I guess the community can collect ad revenue every 2-3 months.

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$61 is very decent as we can see. Indeed, that amount will grow with time.

The earnings are small but they are a source of income. That is a great start.
Now that it's set up there can be a focus on growing it further to a higher amount.
Get more traffic and double the payout. Then do it again.

The earnings are small but they are a source of income.

DId you say small? That can't be when we compare it to SPORTS' present price. That amount should be able to buy off close to a million SPORTS off the mart or even more.

With this report out, there is a motivation to up the engagement game knowing at least our little effort over the last month is worth a dime.

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