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I'm excited to share that over the last few days that we've received the first advertising payout for's new advertising system to @sports-gov's account!


On April 4, a-ads paid out 0.00100002 BTC to @sports-gov's swap.btc address. After the deposit fees for Hive Engine we now have 0.00099001 BTC available for SPORTS projects through our SPORTS proposal system. These funds are available now for anyone to make a proposal against.


I was in the process of preparing the March report when I noticed the payout had happened so I wanted to update everyone. I'll have another post out shortly that goes over the full report with additional traffic updates. I think we've slowed down some but this progress definitely helps. Huge thank you to everyone in the community for helping us get to this point!


Sounds good. I noticed the other day that Brave turned back on my brave shield so I turned it back off.

I look forward to the proposals that people put forward that uses the BTC.

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Sounds good. I noticed the other day that Brave turned back on my brave shield so I turned it back off.

Thanks for that so you can see our ads and at times click them.

I tend not to click the ads as much and most of them tend to be gambling but I guess it wouldn't hurt if I did click on a few every now and then.

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So they started in leofinance and then they used the advertising earnings to burn tokens, I would like to see how everything works with sportstalksocial

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I'm a pretty heavy bitcoin bull so I wouldn't mind to see us hold on to the asset for a few more months to see how the market shakes out. That being said I'm just a single voice in the room.

I agree that it's going to be interesting to see how it gets spent. SPORTS' proposal system allows anyone to make a proposal for how the spend will work and if enough stakeholders approve the proposal then it will automatically process the proposal's request. We could end up using it to do a token burn or it could be used to pay a dev for work on the platform. It's really up to the community's collective imagination which is going to make it interesting to see where the tribe's priorities are.

Meanwhile, what happens with the tax proposal? It's been a while.
I'm not tech savvy to know how to set the codes, I would have love to make certain proposals here.

Always feel free to message me! If you give me an idea for your proposal I'll be happy to try to write the code needed for the proposal.

I wouldn't mind seeing an update to the platform myself. Perhaps a marketing strategy would bring more users to the platform. Definitely a single voice on this one. Looking forward to see what gets brought to the table.

Yes, I think that would be the best option we have to do same with SPORTS.

$61 is quite very decent. I personally support using it to buy HIVE and use it to buy SPORTS to burn. I stand for that with the whole of me. COngratulations to us. We however missed your communications over the last month. Please always make appearance at least once weekly.

I find appearances are very important to maintaining or raising the value of something. Well said.

Good one with the ads payout

Hopefully the idea of waiting is a welcome one it’ll boost the value with time and can be used to burn sports token for the benefit of everyone on the long run

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Though I'm just being new @sportstalksocial community, I really understand what it means to exchange sports for BTC. This will be an a plus to the community ND token at large. Congratulations to those behind the dream. Good things beginning to show forth.