Cats fall to Jaybirds in Champions Classic

I'm a little late discussing it but the Kentucky Wildcats were outlasted Tuesday night by the Kansas Jayhawks falling just short with a final score of 65 - 62. After a very solid first half showing the Wildcats again showed they aren't any where close to the maturity they will need to be at by March and were only able to shoot for a meager 26% after the half allowing Kansas to claw back from a 6 point deficit at the half.

There's a lot I can say about the game but one thing I'll hit on is that we need to improve our turnovers and missed rebounds. We've given up far too many of these opportunities in the early games this season. Those free possessions we gave Kansas could have easily won us the game especially the missed rebound in the final seconds of the game.

Kentucky WildcatsKansas Jayhawks

"If I was Bill Self, I'd be so happy because my team was held to 29% from the floor and 23% from three and we win. I love those games." Calipari mentioned after the game in his post game press. As a fan I can't agree because I obviously want to win but I see where Calipari is coming from. These games are going to do more to help teach these young kids where they need to improve more than 20 practices will be able to. While I welcome the changes these close fights will bring I sure hope, as a fan, they come quick.

The Cats will tip off again shortly on ESPN against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets today. That is schedule to tip at 5pm in Atlanta at the McCamish Pavilion.