April SportsTalkSocial.com Advertising Report

I'm very happy with SportsTalkSocial.com's performance last month. We are already closing in on another payout from a-ads.com and our impressions are moving in the right direction overall.

sportstalk - 640x480.png

I still don't have any progression to report on expending our ad networks. I will be working on this over the coming days to see if I can finalize the enrollments I started a few weeks ago. My hope is by increasing our network exposure we'll be able to fill more ad views and have the ability to take advantage of the best advertising opportunities.

April Revenue

Our revenue spent the majority of the month coming in over 50 cents a day. We had a brief drop in the middle of the month to the low 40 cent range but a strong close carried our average to nearly 56 cents. As we continue to bring in more impressions this will only help grow that figure even higher.

April Impressions

Our impressions continue to stay consistent and closed out the month with a strong 1592 impressions a day average. It's also nice to see the graph generally leaning in the upward direction over the month's time. I'm hopeful this trend will continue into the month of May.


This balance is from today and not the close of the month. That being said as you can see we're getting very close to our second payout. We are sitting at 85,929 satoshis in our a-ads.com balance and will have another payout at 100,000 satoshis. I fully suspect we'll be reporting that new payout on May's advertising report unless we see a huge change to Bitcoin's price before crossing the barrier.

Alexa Rank Update


Our current Alexa rank will now be included when pulling the advertising revenue reports. I figure having this information readily available each month will allow advertisers and the community at large to gather a better picture for where we stand in terms of traffic and engagement on SportsTalkSocial.com.


Advertise With Us!

Are you looking to advertise with a growing community? If so we'd love to display your ad to our audience! Please reach out to patrickulrich#1973 via the SportsTalkSocial Discord or leave a comment below to get your ad shown to our community today.


Great to see the development here in the last month. Seeing this much of attention on SPORTS despite the bear market is amazing. Indeed, things would double up for the tribe soon and earning $100 and more on weekly basis could even be possible for ads. I need you to make more frequent updates here. Welcome back.

It looks like the ads are doing quite well. The page views and time on site has gone up but it does seem like the bounce rate has also gone up. So I am not sure if that is good or now.

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This is good news :) We are very close to second payout , we gotto come up with some idea on how to use the BTC .

Have anything on mind ?

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It's good to see progress for the tribe. If you can find a way to keep expanding on this it will bring in more users, which will bring in more revenue and raise the token price.

Small steps but a good place to start.

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Great to see engagement gradually increase and the ads raking in some dollars. Hope the next payout get better. Looking forward to see this revenue is used