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RE: Players Need To Know The Rules

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The problem comes when there are too many rules in a game. Football is a simple game but they are constantly tweaking bits here and there. Clubs should be up to date on all changes but there is no need for so many of the technical rules in football.
Rugby is different as it is a technical game but for the most part simple is better.
Offside is offside and that should be it. Let the games flow and keep the frees to aminimum.


I do agree but those are the rules and players need to know them. We have some funny ones in rugby as well that an offside player is put onside if an opposing player touches the ball. I saw one case where a player was 50 m off side injured when a charged down kick happened to come to him where he picked the ball up and touched it down. Crazy but in the rules and players need to know them.

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