Is this the end of Tiger woods?

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Tiger woods was the breaking sports news over here this morning as he has been so many times over the past number of years. Occasionally for his golfing ability but more often for his abilities outside of the gold course.

Just yesterday he had to be cut from his car after a single car collision after a crash in California. While there has been no mention of anything untoward so far, it would not be a huge leap to wonder how it occurred after following his career for the past decade.

What was once an unrivalled ability and domination of the golfing world turned sour as he was distracted by everything else that goes with fame and fortune. That is why it was so amazing to see him win the masters two years ago after struggling for ten before that.


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From seeing the photographs of the accident and reading some of the articles it could finally spell the end of one of the most successful athletes in the world. A person who dominated the game to such an extent that he became it. He brought golf to the masses and turned it into an art form. What had been a get away for stuffy elites was shaped into a worldwide obsession and a pathway was opened for anybody to rise above.

It seems that he is currently being treated for a multiple leg break and this is while he is in recovery for the latest round of back surgery to hold his failing body together. Tiger put so much into his career over the course of his domination that it took a heavy toll on his body that looked to have caught up to him about ten years ago. Somehow he did manage too get it back on track to a certain extent even if he was never the same force of nature that he had been in the noughties but this is surely a step too far for any man.

I wouldn't expect to ever see him playing at the highest level again if reports are to believed.

I hope that is not the case but how many lives does a cat really have? Eventually they do run out.


The worst thing were the authorities on the news talking about how accidents in the area are prone because it is a steep drop and goes into a bend.

Woods' care rolled several times and he broke both legs, you think if it was a known road hazard area authorities would fix the road or make it safer!