Who's more important to the Rockets winning a title is it Harden or is it Westbrook?

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What is up here on scorum lately I've been inactive here on this platform due to several reasons but with this comeback let me give you guys some short discussion on which player is more important to the Rockets winning a title is it James Harden or Russell Westbrook?

Its James Harden James Harden is the best player on the team, Harden's usage rate is the higher. Westbrook is also at time struggled in the highest leverage games in the playoffs not quite as publicly and as bad as James Harden. Harden is the guy who has to get the monkey off his back he needs to because if he does he enters discussions of the greatest at his position in a different way of course the same applies to Westbrook.

But this is James Harden's team so so who stands to benefit the most Harden or Westbrook it's harden who needs to play at their best when it matters most in order to give the team the best chance for success.