NBA players’ concerns about living in ‘the bubble’

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As far as actually playing and going back down into Orlando I'm still up in the air a little bit because I really don't we don't have all the details we don't know a lot of information so until we have that it's hard to just commit to it a hundred percent.

How concerned are you now about this NBA restart because we've heard a lot about hesitancy among the players yeah I think there would be some hiccups along the way by the way bomani just retweeted an image of a healthy lung and a lung removed from a covid-19 patient go check that out it is serious so I you know this is there's a pandemic and the players are are reasonably anxious about it this is the only thing I'd say about the bubble.

Though the way I perceive and and I'm sure they want more information they want to know what's going on but I would think the bubble so-called bubble would be safer than other places in this country because everyone who comes in gets tested now I'm sure it could come in on a package on foo like on other things too but even then if people are consistently retested like the issue when you don't have a vaccination is locating the disease the reason the federal government's response has been so disastrous in a pandemic here so out of proportion to what it should have been is because they didn't start testing people right away and locating where the disease was.

But in the bubble one would think that as soon as someone tests positive they're gonna try to locate and isolate right away so to my way of thinking it would seem that's a safer place like if if I were a player I think yeah I'm safer there than I might be somewhere else okay contact during the game notwithstanding I understand that it's a legitimate concern but in terms of safety I get it I would think the biggest kind of sticking point would be wait how isolated am I gonna be how much can I get in and out can I see my family and things like that but I anticipated some hiccups before this thing got going because there are hundreds of people involved and not everyone's gonna feel the exact same way about it

source and reference : ESPN's FIRST TAKE