Magic on Why Kobe is the Closest thing to Michael Jordan

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First of all let's go to the court first Kobe had admire respected Michael Jordan in such a way that he patterned his game after Michael. He's the closest thing hoping it's the closest thing to Michael that we think why because he can score that basketball just like Michael Jordan. Has the same mindset and attitude just like Michael Jordan he took no prisoners he wanted to just put his foot on your neck he wanted to destroy you mentally and physically just like Michael Jordan and he wanted to have six championships like Michael Jordan.

He got close he got five but he never got that sixth championship now let's talk about off the court. Off the court he wanted to build his distance just like Michael Jordan and you know what he was getting there too Kobe was doing an outstanding job as a businessman and he was taken on that Jordan persona.

Two off the court where he was building his own brand at the same time and I believe that that's why Kobe and Michael really enjoyed each other they were like little brother big brother because they went to places very few athletes go. Where they were world famous they were able to build a successful brand and company they waited with a win championship and then they were able to do something best on the basketball court that we haven't seen no other players do and so I think has the same mindset and so that's why they got along off the court.

source; Magic Johnson in an interview on Espn's First take


They released his autopsy report.. have you seen it? It's brutal.