Kevin Durant possibly returning for the NBA's 22-team restart

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A Board of Governors yesterday approved the league's 22 team restart proposal by a vote of 29 to 1 the season is now tentatively scheduled to resume July 31st at Disney's Wide World of Sports in Orlando. The Blazers were the only team to vote against the proposal and so with the season approved to restart take a look at some key date tier games are scheduled to begin on July 31st the last possible date of the season it would be October 12th that would be Game seven of the NBA Finals.

It's a Monday the draft and free agency will commence shortly thereafter with the hope that next season could begin on December first and interestingly we were talking with Adrian Wojnarowski a little bit earlier and he was telling us that Michelle Roberts who is the executive director of the NBA Players Association was expressing concern about what would appear to be a very short turnaround between the end of this season. Again the teams that make the finals could be playing into October and then a training camp that were to begin in November and a season that could begin as early as December 1st so that's something that will have to be ironed out there has been a consideration of shifting the start of the NBA season from where it currently is and in late October into December to try and avoid competing with football and playing perhaps into the summer.

That's something many people have talked about for a long time Jalen Rose has talked about it on this show and other places for a long time Mark Cuban has suggested the owner of the Dallas Mavericks that it's something that he would be in favor of so we'll see if these circumstances necessitate that sort of thing taking place and if they're able to turn it around as quickly as possible. The possibilities of the NBA returning which teams we think will be at the very top and guys why don't we play while we're waiting the Adam Silver soundbite from last night on TNT because one of the very interesting storylines here is we will show you a graphic in a moment how Las Vegas has reacted strongly to the notion that the Nets whom no one thinks have any chance whatsoever of winning the championship might all of a sudden become a contender because maybe Kevin Durant and maybe Kyrie Irving come back in play Adam Silver was on TNT's inside the NBA last night.

Here's what he said there's so much here that's not fair and I think we were choosing among multiple bad alternatives I'm giving the pandemic we're dealing with and I think that many of the teams that weren't able to resume play those eight teams that are not included thought it was unfair and I think there were also some of the teams that are already in essence had mathematically made the playoffs that it's unfair to give some of these six teams an opportunity to play in and I think ultimately to that extent the team has a healthy roster and those players are able to come back they are eligible to play and so again take another look at these numbers out of Las Vegas

it's just as simple as that when the season ended the nets were 750 to 1 to win the championship and suddenly there's 60 to 1 so suddenly the world believes there's a chance that those guys are coming back to play let us bring in our NBA analyst extraordinaire the great Jeff Van Gundy is back with us for the first time in two long great to talk to you Jeff and let's start right there if you're coaching the Nets do you want Kevin Durant let's just use Durant for the example here for the moment when you consider the history there when he got hurt in the finals perhaps coming back too soon would you want him to play uh yeah if he's healthy yes that's not even a hard question I think again it all starts with the level of health and particularly his injury what you can't expect is him to come back and be Kevin Durant immediately but if healthy and that and the doctors clear him and he feels good about his chance to be successful and play well certainly and I don't think it's even a downside if healthy for the next season I think it breaks through some mental barriers and gets him a better start going into next year as well.