Do athletes have a limited optimal time?

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Sports can be done at any age, practically all of them with clear exceptions. However, there are conditions that determine the good performance in these, since each one has its own level requirements. And we can practice at certain ages, but we must be very clear that it is almost impossible to have the same physical performance that we had at 25 years old, when we are 50.

Every high performance athlete, these personalities that we consider some kind of superstars in their sport discipline, we know that they have a relatively short life of sporting success, at least in the exercise of sport in professional terms. Even when they later become legends of sorts, and dedicate themselves to sport from other angles.

We cannot say that a soccer player like Leonel Messi, at 45 years old will have the same stamina he had at 25 years old, we know that, it is not something that is feasible no matter how much he wishes it. Physically the organism has its limits, and it seems that in terms of physical performance in sports, on average 32-35 years seems to be an advanced age ... Not in all sports, of course, but in general terms.

So we can assume that the active life of a professional athlete is limited and concentrated in about 17 years, at most, considering that at 17-18 years old they enter the professional field and at 23-35 years old they are still active, some decide to retire early, before their skills are a little dulled, diminished by the passage of age, so I can assume that this is a normal process, that we should not be surprised by it.

I am not a sports specialist, but I dare to give this assessment, which I do not think is far from the truth.





In almost every sport other than golf it is nearly impossible to remain competitive beyond mid 30's. Very few athletes have managed to do so.

Yes amigo @sports.guy55 , you are right, Leonel Messi is one of those few, who is currently over 30 and still active.