Tottenham against Liverpool

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This match is going to be a fierce one because the two teams will want to bring out their best and I guess we all know why because they are all out to be champions of the English Premier League.

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Who knows, maybe these matches will determine who wins the league because Liverpool and Tottenham have put their best in all the twelve matches they've encountered since the beginning of this league. What makes them different is their goal difference and that is because, in the early season, Liverpool was defeated.

It is obvious that the match is going to be what I call "The survival of the fittest" they will be all out to give their best and that is because the end result will speak for them. Only the last one standing gets to be on the table as the leader.

The two teams are not one to be joked with because they've got all it takes to be at the leader table that is why I say it is going to be a fierce one because they will be all out to gain more points to be at the top. Each one of them aim will be to defeat the other.

The managers of the two teams as we all know are one of the best as they've put in a lot to make sure that their teams come out the best and this seen last week as both Liverpool and Tottenham played draw with their opponent. So I believe and I am sure more is coming this night with the two teams as they will be preparing for the encounter.

This is football and anything can happen who knows. It is still the early days, so drawing a conclusion isn't the best for now. I think I have to wait for some more time as the league is still very much open.

Even with the situation at hand, it is obvious that Tottenham Hotspur's can still make things happen at Anfield because they've been kinda unbeatable and they've defeated most of the big boys in the league.

Also, we can as well tell that even though Liverpool are struggling, they have a better form over Tottenham. I don't think it will be that easy for Tottenham to swipe Liverpool off their feet just anyhow. They've got to be heavily prepared for tonight against Liverpool.

It is indeed going to be a tough one for both sides and I hope to see the best action so far in the English Premier League.

Although like I have said, it is football and anything can happen but do you think Tottenham is going to defeat Liverpool in today's match?

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