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Hey guys, it is another day of football gist. Like I have always told us that football is unpredictable and indeed no one can predict football.

A few days ago, I told us about how Manchester United was wiped by Manchester City out of the EFL, everyone felt discouraged about the whole issue, and at a point in time, I am sure, they felt Manchester United will not be able to enter the finals but who will believe that in a matter of time, Manchester United will be sitting at the top of the English Premier League right now?

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Last night was indeed a remarkable night for the Manchester United teams and fans as they felt and could see the old Manchester United come back to life and playing like the RED DEVILS they are known for and called.

Incredibly after the match, it is obvious that the RED DEVILS are now the ones sitting at the top of the league table after taking over from the Liverpool team who have been at the top for a few weeks now and that came as a result of defeating Burnley yesterday night (Tuesday Night) away from home.

The match was indeed a strong and fierce one as Burnley's defense was a tight one against the united but the RED DEVILS were able to have thirteen shots but seven were on target.

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Their possessions, pass and pass accuracy was also on target and they really gave their best in this game to make sure they went home with a victory but pity enough, Burnley did not and couldn't have even a single shot on target throughout the game to show how prepared the RED DEVILS are. I am certain that many Manchester United fans couldn't believe their eyes at what they saw yesterday night.

I guess the team came really prepared to get their place back at the top which they lost after the match with Manchester City and they really got it back at the Turf Moor stadium.

The french Midfielder Paul Pogba at the 71 minutes was the one who scored the only goal in the match and he is considered the man of the night for giving Manchester United back their glory.

The Red Devils are back on track and I don't think they will be leaving anytime soon because I know their comeback is to lift as many trophies that are around.

I guess we will be seen them more often because I guess they will be participating in the Uefa Europa League and the FA Cup.

I guess Ole Gunner will be smiling at himself now for his team's victory after numerous failures they are now running and at the top of the league.

I am already imagining the RED GUNNERS take their place as the league winners, what do you think? Do you think the RED DEVILS will end up being the league winners?

I know we can't predict that, but their comeback is a fierce one and I don't think, they will be relenting effort any time soon.


I'm putting my hope on Manchester united to win the league,but this is football. Let's sit back and watch the game.

You are right, this is football and it is unpredictable so let's just cross our hands and watch what happens next.