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Many for the quest for money and wealth have forgotten about their well-being and are only focused on investing, working, and saving for the future.

Don't get me wrong that is bad as nobody wants to be poor, everybody wants to live well and enjoy but have you thought about what will happen when you are not fit enough to enjoy that money you worked over the years for all because you refused to take care of yourself?

My Sunday school teacher once said, "She prefers to enjoy her money now that she is young and strong than when she is old and not fit to enjoy that money".

We always know the feeling we get when we are sick and can't do anything? Imagining working for years to gather money and when you finally did, only for your doctor to say, you can't eat meat or chicken because you have one sickness/disease or the other.

Now, this is what I am saying, inasmuch as we all want to get rich, it is important that we also take care of ourselves (health) and stay fit to help us remain strong and be able to work as long as we do.

Wikipedia says
" The condition of being physically fit and healthy".
"Fitness is a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations, and daily activities".

We've also seen in the above definition that fitness is also the ability to able to do our occupations and daily activities properly. It involves not just our physical looks but also our health.

So it isn't wrong for one to hustle because we all need to hustle to get money but it is so wrong for one to hustle and forget about his or her fitness.

Being fit doesn't have to necessary mean we have to look lanky or slim but our state of mental health, emotional, appearance and the rest.

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  • Proper Nutrition: Which is eating enough balanced diet. No matter how tired one is or no matter how busy the days are, let us learn, be conscious, and make sure our diet/food is balanced in the right proportion.

  • Physical Exercise: There are several physical exercises that we can always do in the comfort of our homes to save time. So if there is no time to go to the gym, watching online videos about those little and not vigorous or heavy exercise and learn how to do it. Taking a walk can be a great way to help us as well because it helps us open our minds and relaxed.

  • Rest: This doesn't have to be necessarily sleeping for a long hour but calming our brain and trying to worry about nothing and trying to let ourselves concentrate on the things we've been able to achieve for the day or concentrating on memories shared with loved ones (family) and friends can also help us keep fit As it helps relax our brain and muscles ad help us free from fatigue.

  • Water: My friends have always called me fish and yeah if drinking much water will make me keep fit then I accept the name with all my heart but we forget to drink enough water to help us keep hydrated. Not drinking enough water not only cause indigestion but also causes dehydration which ends up causing a headache for us. We know that severe headaches can make us lose concentration which also makes us not to be active/smart or able to do our work.

  • Worry Less: Yeah, this sounds funny and impossible because as human we are prone to worry over things but to be healthy and fitted, we need to be conscious about the things we do which end up endangering our lives.

Most days, we just have to take a break, away from work, the problems and troubles of life, and worry less. Let us learn to live for the moments and enjoy what we have. Let us learn to be grateful for the things we have and make ourselves happy.

These things aren't hard to do if we are conscious about our health.


Very quality and detailed post. We all need to exercise at our best and that with discipline to be able to stay fit and healthy.

I realized it around one year ago after gaining too much weight.
Now i try to do more sport and it's really more pleasant !

Thanks for your post ! Thanks to it I'm realizing that I really need to drink my mouth is really dry !