It's game day as the Calgary Flames take on

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The Calgary Flame are back in action tonight in the Calgary Saddle Dome

to take on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Flames dropped game 1 of this 2 game set 4-2 to the Leafs last night.

Calgary has to start winning or they will not make the playoffs this year.

Gam time is 7 p.m. mountain time 9 p.m. eastern.

As of yet there is no projected line up when I get one I will edit this posts with it.

The game may be seen on Sports Net West and Sports Net Flames, and in Toronto area

on TSN4 in the Toronto area. The game may be heard on Sports Net the fan 960 in the

Calgary area .

After tonight the Flames are supposed to take on Vancouver in Calgary on

Thursday and Saturday. My opinion! (these games will be post boned due to the covid situation with

the Vancouver Canucks team) so I am going to say the Flames will be back in action in Toronto

on Tuesday April 13. for the start of a 2 game road trip.

I hope all had a great Easter weekend

Enjoy the game!


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Great game last night!

Yes your Leafs played well.