Matching Up: Aiming at 500k SPORT Stake by March Ending

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Hello everyone, greetings to all sports lovers and sport content creators.


This morning has really been an exciting one for me. First I woke up very sound and healthy against my previous experience yesterday. Have you ever woken up from your bed and feel like the world in it fullness is on you? That's always so much a thing to worry about and secondly I just realized that my stake of SPORTS has risen to 200k and that's worth so much celebration for me. And lastly, guys @Leo.voter just this morning upvoted an article I published yesterday.

I may not have had so much passion for SPORTS token not because I am not futuristic but because I haven't been an addict to sports generally maybe I hope to be now.

A very referred motivational speaker Mr. Ubong King of blessed memory will always emphasis on having a target as one of the major drive to excelling and I have studied carefully in silence the life of successful men and i have realized that one thing synergizes them all and that is they all have a target. Just as Covid'19 vaccine will immunize your system again Covid that's the same way Target will immunize you with the needed energy to run.

Proof of Stake


Already I have set a target for myself and I must sure reach that hallmark by March Ending. Staking just 5k SPORTS this morning brings me so much joy and it's already pointing to the fact that my ambition will not just be reached but exceeded.


Trust and faith are a necessary key to expansion. Having this two means having a strong might to possess the world. Nothing much can really happen to one who cannot have faitheous conviction in who he does. Life shouldn't be a matter of trial and error but precision.

I want to thank everyone who is of support and I really want to assure you that I will make you proud.


The more you stake, the easier it gets.......


Thank you for encouraging words sir.

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500k SPORTS is decent. By the month end, that may be worth well over $100

Thanks boss for showing up I really appreciate sir.

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