New Milestone Of 7-Million Staked Sports Tokens

in hive-101690 •  2 months ago 

sportstalk social.png

I have yet to post about the different milestones that I have reached for my staked Sports tokens so far.

I have started my curation effort on Sports Talk Social couple of weeks after the platform was created.

I have hardly sold my Sports tokens that I earned via posts or curation but I have used them mostly to power up.

I have also invested steem to purchase sports tokens in the past regularly.

It is indeed a new milestone in reaching 7-million staked sports tokens even though I cannot compete with many who have more than 20 millions but it is an achievement for me.

I have started supporting the @skatehive community started by @knowhow92 recently.

This community has regular skateboarding content posted and it was great to be able to curate skateboarding articles that use sportstalk tag.

I have also delegated 100k of sports to its curation account, @steemskate.

Thank you everyone who has supported my posts and my curation journey on Sports Talk Social.

Your support and encouragement mean a lot to my personal curation journey.

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Big ups for your awesome curation effort in our skateboarding community bro!
Thank you!

You're welcome! The mention of your community may just help to spread the word more for other sportstalk members to be more aware of your community. 😁

Great achievement :-) Best wishes.

Thank you

Congratulations @delegate4upvot.
People here on SportsTalkSocial are very passionate about sports. That's why they keep posting even though SPORTS price is low right now. Wish you all the best!

Thank you! I guess the passion for sports surpasses the value of money. Getting a small reward even with the low price is still a nice encouragement!