The Ferrari Bombshell

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Since the testing in February we haven't seen any cars on the track at full pace.A few of the teams got out their older than two year models recently for a spin to knock off any cobwebs, but we are all still none the wiser.Red Bull are normally good on the Austrian circuit as for obvious reasons as it is the home of Red Bull and the track is called the Red Bull Ring.
Actually 4 days now as I wrote this last night.We will know how bad Ferrari is on Saturday during qualifying.Definitely watching that as that could be fun.

The teams have had roughly 5 weeks and a few days now since the lock down was eased and the winter break has ended even though it is mid summer in Europe. Ferrari have hit the panic switch already and we haven't even had one race yet or a qualifying. Things must be worse than we all thought as they didn't have a great testing in Barcelona 5 months ago. Ferrari admitted their car for 2019 was wrong and now before the season has even started have done the same thing again. You can't do this at this level as the other cars have got a two year jump on you now.
One of my favorite tracks as you need pace on this one. If Ferrari don't have it there is nowhere to hide. Not like a Monaco where track position is king.

Most of us agree Ferrari are lacking pace and if this weekend is a guide they are expected to finish 5th and 6th at best.Obviously that depends on the reliability of Mercedes and Red Bull as they are favorites. Crashes and bad luck can happen to anyone and Ferrari need that to happen to possibly 3 or 4 teams over the next two weekends.
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I am expecting the podium to be dominated by Red Bull and Mercedes with either McLaren,Renault or Racing Point having a good showing as well. Ferrari are now outsiders and who would have guessed that in February.

Mattia Binotto the head of Ferrari has come out and said they are not happy with the car and it needs some serious changes made over the next 3 weeks. This is a car the engineers and designers have had over a year to work on and look where they are now. Over the last 5 weeks they have been doing some modifications to help improve matters, but I have serious doubts. What new things have they done in the last 5 weeks that they didn't know about last year already. Maybe studying Red Bull and Mercedes aero dynamics over the lock down gave them a light bulb moment. It is just too late to be fiddling with drastic changes now.


We all know the other teams have improved their packages and will be quicker than Barcelona's testing period. If that is the case maybe Binotto is trying to avoid embarrassment this weekend and save his job. Can you imagine if Ferrari are behind Mercedes,Red Bull,McLaren,Racing point and Renault which is feasible right now. Red Bull announced a major upgrade to the Honda engine and who knows what Mercedes has done in the meantime. They supply engines to Racing Point and Williams.

Ferrari need to do something drastic (no cheating) as they are so far behind every other team now. Look a bad Ferrari can still compete but, we had no new body regulations or law changes this season so the other teams have literally two years on Ferrari. Ferrari are going to be testing their changes in 3 weeks at the Hungarian Grand Prix and I am keen to see what "new" things we are going to see. This is probably why Vettel wasn't offered a new contract as he would have told them what he thought of the car.I don't blame him for getting out and his autobiography will be a decent read once he writes one.

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If Red Bull upgrades their engine, doesn't everyone else have to? I thought these races were all about equity.

I think it is once the season starts only. The season hasn't started as yet and only after tomorrow when practice starts will it count.