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Perfect example Verstappen and Leclerc have family history in motor sport and were always going to come through the ranks.

I was reading an article about everyone condemning Bernie Ecclestone for not making the Formula One sport more diverse and being open to all. Funny they are complaining now as I think 99.999 percent of us who love cars and motor sport would love to have had a shot at that somehow. The reality is it is closed to everyone unless you have money in the bank which counts most of us out.
Christian Horner was an ex racing driver,Albon is half Thai and had support from the Thai business community to get him where he is today.

The thing is this sport is only open to a privileged few and Hamilton is a freak of nature in his abilities. His dad had enough money to support Lewis along the way which lets be fair, what families can? You literally need hundreds of thousands to get a kid through to the point that he may be good enough. I would hate to know the real figure, but it must be north of half a million dollars. Then there is no guarantees either and you could end up in the less lucrative Formula 3 or possibly a team boss like Toto Wolff or Christian Horner. They were once racing drivers and being in the know with that community things opened up for them.
The truth is most of the personnel working for the teams have a degree and are at the pinnacle of their profession. Most come from an aero design background with physics and mathematics as their majors.

If you look around there are very few who don't have some connection with Formula One. Most have family and relatives who were involved and that is how they became involved. Most of the drivers are spoiled rich kids doing something they love. Some are good and some are not so good, but up until last year there were only around 23 drivers with a Super Licence. I know one of them was Palmer who was rubbish and a couple of others. I can't recall what team it was but they were struggling for a replacement to take the seat in one of their cars mid way through the season.
Bit of a joke really as Liberty are trying to get out the sport all together and are trying to find a buyer. They are saying this to placate everyone.

This will be resolved now though as qualifying for the Super Licence has been opened up more allowing others from other racing formats to qualify. Drivers are still expected to bring sponsors on board with them though as the seats these days are far from just free. Sergio Perez has a billionaire backer from Mexico and why he is still around.

If you have the money skin color will not stop you if you have some skills behind the wheel. Most of the top engineers have done a degree at Cambridge University which seems to be where the teams pull new candidates from. It is very much a closed shop for anyone really wanting to get involved no matter what race you are. It is like anything in life as it is the circles you mix in and are raised up around. I know many sportsmen and only know of one racing driver who is not at this level. His dad is a multi millionaire as well and has invested fortunes into his hobby.

If we take Ayrton Senna as a prime example his parents were middle to upper class. They struggled to keep Ayrton in the sport when he was younger and his dad was a doctor. Senna eventually was picked up by a youth driving academy and had to leave his family behind and go to Europe at a young age. He nearly never made it because of the financials so what chance does it give the rest of us. I am not talking skin color as I know where they have been going lately with diversity but I am talking everyone in a general context.

Esteban Ocon is another one who has just made it by the skin of his teeth. He never came from a wealthy family and they sacrificed everything so he could live his dream. These are very rare cases and how many talented kids never got to that point because their parents couldn't afford to keep up with what was required. I think every racing driver no matter what car they are racing grew up with a go kart somewhere and that needed a trailer and a mechanic and the list goes on.

This is not like any other sport where you invest a few thousand dollars and you are sweet for the next year or two. This is ongoing and the travel costs attending the races are immense. The lucky ones pick up sponsors, but you still have to spend before you get to that point. I find it ludicrous that people are having a go at this sport now as how can it change? It can't as the basic requirement of having heaps of cash is not going to suddenly go away.

The Zimbabwean lady who works for Petronas at track side. I find it insulting highlighting her as surely she must have deserved it. Why is everyone highlighting this as they have just cheapened what she has achieved.That in itself is being racist towards her. Well done Lewis yet again putting your foot in it.**
I know the likes of Petronas have opened up scholarships for individuals to get involved on the technical side and there is now a Zimbabwean lady doing the Mercedes oil testing at the track. Honestly these are like one in a million jobs as they are like hens teeth. She must be exceptional otherwise she wouldn't be there and thoroughly deserves this role. They must stop cheapening people by saying she is there because of her race as that is not true. The best people get the jobs especially in such a specialist field like this. I would say it is good to see a female doing this role and rather highlight that as teams are dominated by males.

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