Burger Eats Chilli

Jacques with Guscott and Paulse.

Jacques Burger was an ex professional rugby player who was as hard as nails. As a player and sportsmen he was very well respected and has come out firing at an ex team mate with some justification.


Chilli Boy Rallapelle was one of those players used as a shop window by South Africa. In all honesty he was never good enough to make Provincial let alone the National team yet he did only based on skin colour. If anyone benefited from changing the right from wrongs in the past then this is one player who did and he wasted it making his name mud. Just be grateful for the opportunity and move on.

Most players use steroids as it also cuts back on the time injuries heal. Jacques was just a tough nut and most likely holds the record for the most broken noses by any player.

Chilli messed it up though as he was caught doping on 3 different occasions and had to serve time on the sidelines with not so lengthy bans. In 2010,2014 and 2020 he was caught so it was never just a one off case and has been proven to be a serial doper. Whilst playing club rugby for Toulose he was out injured and had to take a random drug test. It is called random for a reason as you never know when a sample is going to be required.

He faced bans of two years and now luckily for him he is at the end of his career so it shouldn't make any difference except this ban is now 8 years taking him away from the sport. Surely 3 offences in 10 years warrants a lifetime ban and feel this should actually happen on the second occurrence to any athlete.If you are caught once and serve your time then you should have at least learnt your lesson.


Lately with all the BLM crap we are seeing he has decided to pop his head over the parapets and say he was treated unfairly. He said that due to his skin colour he was tested and found positive with harsher treatment than the other players. This is from a player who has tested positive 3 times and won't admit his own stupidity.Saying that black rugby players are held to a different standard is absolute bull and it wont work. How can you clear your name with 3 offences against you?

Surely he has to understand that if you test positive once that you will most likely be tested more often than others as you have a track record. A second offence will make you be tested even more and you should realise that it isn't worth it. Serena Williams also came out saying she was tested more than any other player until it was proven the total opposite. It turned out she was the least tested over a set period of time.

Jaques Burger has called it for what it is and using the race card is just making another laughing stock out of a player who actually got somewhere due to his skin colour. I find the whole thing sickening and using the race card needs to stop. I have no issues when it is justified but we see more and more occurrences today. I think many players find this type of behavior insulting and the sooner he is kicked out the sport for good the better. When ex players are calling you out you are not welcome.

I hate seeing people playing the victim when they only have themselves to blame for their actions. Sure many players are on steroids and don't get caught down to the program they use. There is no place for steroid abuse in sport as I have seen players with less ability than others literally become a different player within weeks. This is not fair and players caught need a life ban and not 6 months or two years.


this was always going to happen. I remember when years ago Michael Jackson, who already looked like a decrepit white woman tried to claim racism over something. He was mocked by everyone for that. I felt bad for him but it was a dumb move on his part.