Diego Armando Maradona: A life of conflict

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God is dead. This is the announcement with which the international press announced the death of Diego Armando Maradona at the age of 60 from a cardio-circulatory arrest in his villa, in a state of convalescence after brain surgery undergone a few weeks ago.


Pibe de Oro, La Mano de Dios, these were his titles, earned on the pitch where Diego gave spectacle and quality, a joy to watch him as he unmarked his opponents like pins and slipped the ball into the net from any position in the opponent's air. Together with the legendary Pele, he is considered the strongest football player ever.

But the undisputed beauty and quality he brought to sport has not been poured into his private life. Unfortunately he went through many dark times overwhelmed by drugs, alcohol and women, with whom he had several children, some recognized, others not. And his death appears to have increased the number of unrecognized children and the premise of lengthy lawsuits for his inheritance.

His addiction to cocaine began as early as 1982, when he was a young Barcelona striker but intensified exponentially during his stay in Naples (1984-1991), a period in which the footballer reached his peak of football success. The drug, however, had become a necessity for him, clouding him, and forcing him to long periods of rest, in the meantime frequenting rehabilitation and detoxification centers.

Maradona won the World Cup in Mexico in 1986 with his Argentina, and the match played against England for probably the two most famous goals in the world remains a piece of history: the first goal earned him the epithet La Mano de Dios since he scored by hand, in a quick aerial action. The second was defined as the goal of the century for a solitary action that saw him starting from the center of the field, unmarking all my opponents and accompanying the ball into the net. The game also had a political flavor and Maradona dedicated the victory by recalling the 1982 war of the Falkland Islands against the British, victorious results in the battle.

In the 1986-1987 season, Maradona accompanied his Napoli team to win the first ever Scudetto, which guaranteed him eternal recognition from his Italian fans, who today mourn him as if he were a brother. His coaching career was not very successful: he coached Argentina in 2008-2010 but without winning trophies.

In 1991 Diego was suspended from the Italian championship for use of cocaine and in 1994 because he tested positive for an anti-doping test during the United States World Cup.

Thus Diego Armando Maradona ends his sporting life without any note worthy of mention. Unfortunately, the chronicle of his life has been more interesting for journalists, who have always tried to put him in a bad light, more than unfortunately it already was.

Today Diego Armando Maradona is mourned by the whole world for the disappearance of a talent that perhaps we will never see again. We will miss his dribbles and his free kicks and he leaves a void behind him, the kind you already know that cannot be filled by anyone else.

Hi Diego, have a nice trip.


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