Sports Injury : Wickedness And Revenge.

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I have really talked about my injuries as part of my #sportmemories post done sometimes ago. This will surely be an elaborate one.

There is no way a child will grow up here without an injury, football or not. A rough play will surely break an ankle, hurt an arm. Crying to mama has and will always be the solution.

I can't remember my first injury, injury then, was a normal everyday thing. No matter how big the cut may be, you can either rub some sand on it where you're playing or put some juice of bitter leaf on it. The above remedy isn't hygienic in any way. But we survived through them all.

I'll be sharing some no forgettable injury I've had in time past.


Uncle Tunde's Wickedness

We went out to play on a particular day, and I got sorted into this big brothers team. All I have to do is be a goal keeper which I did with all diligence. Then, an opportunity came, I grabbed the ball, dropped it on the floor to enjoy my own stardom. I mean dribble across this heavy Goliath who are times two my height and weight. The first one fell for it and so the second. The next thing was a kick from behind, Uncle Tunde by name. I went down wrangling in pain.

The whole field was in uproar, fully in support of me because it's unethical to hit a young lad like me, I tried to stand up, that was when I knew the damage was more than I thought.

Before I got home, the area has got swollen. First things mum gave me was the beating of my life. Followed by nursing it and applying a hot balm. Then she went to the house of this brother to show them the no-nonsenee character of an African mother.


Revenge Football

This type of football is like Seria A, which is more brutal to play than the English League. In this type of football, you are free to kick on anything. In fact, anything goes here. If you got wounded, that's your luck. The only aim is the goal.

I thought I had a chance here and joined the game that day. Thinking that by the average size of those on the field. I also fit in. The ball hasn't lasted few minutes when the ball was passed onto me. The next thing was an elbow to the rib by the guy who was trying to take the ball away from me. I was on the floor for few seconds and couldn't get myself up. The truth is, no one cares here.

After managing to get home, I confessed to dad and he made sure he checked the place up.

Stretched Out Of The Field

In my High School days, I had the privilege of playing for my class in an inter-class football game. Not to talk of the fact that my inclusion in the team was on a you-know-who basis. The jealousy became rampant but I don't care.

I was substitute in in the second half, I don't know one of the opponent's brother was the one I took his place. In revenge, the first time the guy saw me, he went for my leg immediately and broke my bone and I was lifted out of the field on a stretcher.

I spent just a day in the clinic and mum took over the remaining.

Will time permits me of the fight that ensure when I got healed and wanted my own revenge.

One things I've also learnt was the fast recovery of organs, bones, flesh back in the days. Wounds heal up and the scar disappear so soon compared to now.


The above is my entry for @cryptoandcoffee Sports OCD Curation Weekly Report to share about our #sportinginjuries


Maybe it is a Nigerian thing but you guys don't know what broken bones are and if your leg was broken you would have a plaster cast. I hope you never break a bone as you will then know the real meaning of pain. They all take 3-4 months or even longer to heal. Interesting post though and thanks for participating.

Plaster cast isn't common here. Only on very severe cases.
Wounds here are normal thing. I've watched in western movies where they apply all sort of things to suppress or take care of a wound. That same wound here would be left to heal on its own. Maybe it's because of our skin or whatever. I don't know.

It looks as if you took the word "broken bones" too serious.