Tropical Tent-web Spider (Cyrtophora Citricola)

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Hello Insects Community!

The Scientific name of this Giant Species is Cyrtophora Citricola. It belong to Araneidae family. The order name of this spider is Araneae. It is the biggest spider of all spider pictures that i have taken so far. It looked awful. It has a biggest abdomen with different tattoos style. I took these macro picture frighteningly. it is the Orb web spider. their web is stronger than other spiders species. i saw it in a very big net that was hanging on a branch of tree. Mostly the spiders sit on the web horizontally. Due to their large size silk web, they can easily hunt the other insects.

orb spider (1).jpeg

orb spider (7).jpeg

orb spider (2).jpeg

orb spider (4).jpeg

orb spider (6).jpeg

orb spider (5).jpeg

orb spider (3).jpeg

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