Fascinating Insects #124 - Red Beetle

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Photograph Macro Images With Lens Macro 37 MM

In this article, I want to show some pictures of the Red Beetle resting in the bushes in my garden and I shot the Red Beetle using a 37 MM Macro lens.

Red Beetle This is one species of Beetle that we very often encounter in the bush and in forests, because the population of this Red Beetle species is still very much and very familiar in our lives.

In addition, photographing Red Beetle is of course not as easy as we imagine because from several attempts I only managed to photograph a few sheets of Red Beetle, so that to take a picture requires skill and caution.

Here are some of my shots from one of the macro animal species, the Red Beetle :







Object ImagesRed Beetle
Lens37 MM
LocationAceh, Indonesia



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