More Chicago Insects

Look what I found lurking in downtown Chicago.
This large daring jumping spider female was hanging out in the planters under the Trump Tower.
She was very large and could barely jump. She may be eggbound.
I swiveled my phone around to try and get better shots of her face. But she was constantly moving.
I would say she was about 3/4 inches long which is pretty large for a typically small spider.
Here is a shot of her back. They have a distinctive white dot. When they are younger this dot is a bright orange but as the molt a few times it becomes white.
Lately I have been seeing these green June beetles on the sidewalks.
This is one of the few that wasn't smashed by pedestrian traffic.
He was in a hurry not allowing too many still shots. I used to see tons of these June beetles back in Arizona raiding our fruit trees. The apples and peaches would look completely green as these bettles would completely cover the fruit as they gorged themselves.


Very beautiful pictures!
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Thanks, today was a good day for insects :-).


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Thanks :-)

Especially the June bugs!
Never saw any green in any of them!
Thanks for sharing the shots!

Yeah most are just brown. These guys are a nice green velvety metallic color.

Just Unbelievable!!!

Brilliant capture! Spider looks great but that beetle is something completely different, never have I ever seen any beetles like it, them colours are just outstanding!
Excellent post 😊

The green June beetles are fairly common here. Their metallic green is pretty cool, cool enough to preserve in some kind of acrylic.

What is the name?

daring jumping spider

I like the eyes of your spider.
The beetle green appears to be emaciated.

I think the beetle was caught in a spider web for a while, he has webbing on him.

Yes, I could see that it has traces of cobwebs.